Novak: Gazprom received from Naftogaz an advance payment of more than $400 million

According to the Russian Minister of energy, the necessary volume of gas in accordance with the listed stakes placed. Ukrainian “Naftogaz” gas pumps to describe IOPS in terms depending on weather conditions and their needs.

MOSCOW, 27 Jan. “Gazprom” has received from the Ukrainian “Naftogaz” more than 400 million advance payment for gas supplies in the framework of the winter package, told reporters by energy Minister Alexander Novak.

“As for gas injection into underground gas storage facilities, according to my information, more than 400 million dollars to Ukraine, “Naftogaz” transferred “Gazprom” and supplied in accordance with the amount of funds necessary volume of gas. There are different applications depending on the needs of Ukraine, daily application — to the maximum, to 114 million (cubic meters) per day. So depending on the weather conditions of the Ukrainian “Naftogaz” provides injection into underground gas storage facilities based on the needs that they have for their own consumption,” said Novak.

Gazprom, on 12 October, resumed gas supplies to Ukraine after receipt from Naftogaz of the first payment in 234 million dollars promised by Kiev as part of the winter package of $ 500 million. The head of Ministry of Ukraine Volodymyr demchyshyn on 20 October reported that “Naftogaz” has transferred another tranche of the advance payment for Russian gas deliveries in the amount of 136 million dollars. Thus, the accounts of “Gazprom”, according to the latest figures announced by the parties, was $ 370 million.

“I think that the volume (of gas) has increased in UGS, allowing them to better pass the winter”, — said Novak.

At the same time Demchyshyn earlier on Tuesday said that Ukraine will not be able to the end of the year accumulate in underground storages previously announced 19 billion cubic meters of gas. The end of the month the reserves in UGS is expected to increase to 17.2 billion cubic meters.