Novak: the claim of Turkey on the price of Russian gas is a common practice of economic entities

MOSCOW, October 27. The claim of Turkey to the arbitration to “Gazprom” about the price of Russian gas is a common practice of the two businesses. About it told journalists the head of Ministry Alexander Novak.

The Minister noted that this is not unusual, “it is a contractual relationship between economic agents”.

About the export duties on oil

The export duty on oil from 2017, as suggested earlier, will be 30%, said Alexander Novak. The Minister recalled that the issue about the freezing of export duty for 2016 is solved completely.

“This issue was not discussed at the Commission but on the basis of the decision, it is clear that in 2017 the export duty will amount to 30%, he said. Thus, we skip the level of 36%, which was supposed to be next year”.

On the division of “Gazprom”

According to Novak, no decisions about the division of “Gazprom” was not. The Minister explained that the gas is “socially important and responsible subject”, therefore, this issue needs time to work.