Russia moved up 11 positions in Doing Business rating

WASHINGTON, October 27. Russia for the year rose by 11 positions in Doing Business ranking: from 62nd place last year to 51 seats in 2015, according to a new international ranking on business environment, which is annually prepared by the world Bank.

In 2013, Russia was ranked 92th place. 50 the fourth line, which is located in Peru, Russia separates only 0.02 points.

Improving the environment for doing business is one of the strategic tasks of the state. While one of the landmarks of progress in this direction is the global Doing Business ranking. The may presidential decree “On long-term state economic policy” tasked to improve the country’s place in this ranking from 120th in 2011 to 50th in 2015 and up to 20th in 2018. Means that this indicator should become one of the main indicators of the success of the reforms.

The world Bank notes, Russia for a year has sold five economic reforms, which have contributed to significant progress of the country in the ranking. The greatest success was achieved on the indicator “registering property” (according to him, Russia entered the top ten countries with the best indicators), the index of “reliability of supply” and “transparency” in electricity tariffs.

“The improved position in the world Bank rating was due to ongoing reforms to improve the business environment, the emergence of practical effects from the earlier reforms and additions to the methodology for calculating the rating of new indicators that characterize the quality of legal regulation”, – said Deputy Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation Stanislav Voskresensky.

Failed trade

Co-author of the Doing Business ranking Valentina Saltane explained that according to the indicator of “obtaining building permits”, Moscow scored 14 out of 15, “connecting to the power system”, Russia received 8 points from 8, on “enforcement of contracts” of 12.5 out of 18 items on “quality of registration of real estate” 26 points out of 30.

“This is good news for Russia, they are very good influence on the country’s rating”, – commented the expert.

According to her, the rating this year was revised approach to the indicator “international trade”, in which Russia failed to score a lot of points. “International trade Russia only 170 place,” said the Sultan.

According to her, the process of collecting documents for access to export-import trade operations in the Russian Federation is 43 hours, in the OECD countries – only 5 hours.

“The price of collecting all those documents around $500, in the OECD countries is only $6. In particular, customs clearance in Russia is $1125 in OECD countries – only $160”, – the expert added.

While Saltan is positive about the possibilities of the Russian Federation to improve this position. “Of course, we hope that this will be one of the areas for active reform. For example, you can use an electronic system for filing documents, what is being done in many countries, it is possible to simplify the inspection, or conduct them all at the same time. You can take many different steps to ensure that provisional indicators has fallen, as has the cost,” she advises.

Russia this year became one of the most active in conducting economic reforms, recognize in Doing Business.

“We now see a very good pace of reforms in Russia, especially reforms aimed at small and medium business”, – said the Sultan.

All of them were sold five companies, it became possible to open a Bank account in 2 days, faster property registration, easier to get loans on the movable assets, excluding tax on movable property from the property tax of organizations, elimination of inspection counters in industrial supply.

More of Russia this year implemented reforms only Kazakhstan.

Good prospects

Group leader, global economic performance in the unit of the world Bank Augusto Lopez – Claros believes the Russian achievement is quite natural. In an interview with correspondent. he noted that the government of the Russian Federation in recent years “pays great attention to the improvement of conditions for doing business and the indicators of our report”, performing “a very brave task of improving positions in the rating” set by the President of the country.

The expert also called groundless the fears that the content of the report on Russia does not fully meet the expectations of foreign investors. He stressed that in the ranking of the evaluated conditions, “important for small and medium-sized domestic companies.”

The country with the most favorable conditions for doing business this year, Singapore remained second place is still New Zealand. Third place went to Denmark, which has pressed Hong Kong.

Among the CIS countries strong positions in the rating are Belarus (44), Kazakhstan (41), Armenia (35). Georgia occupies the 24th place, Latvia – 22nd, Lithuania – 20th.

The world Bank and the international Finance Corporation to assess the ease of doing business since 2004, the composite rating appeared in 2006, it was ranked 79-th place among 155 countries. In 2008, with the increase in the number of participating countries it has left the first hundred, but now confident it was fixed.