South Korean investors are ready to become residents of Free port of Vladivostok

VLADIVOSTOK, October 27. /Corr. Natalia Nikulina/. Investors from South Korea are ready to become residents of Free port of Vladivostok. Details of the agreement will be discussed in Moscow in November. Seoul also intends to develop trilateral projects involving Russia and North Korea. It is reported Tuesday the Ministry on the results of the 14th meeting of the Russian-Korean joint Commission on economic and scientific-technological cooperation in Vladivostok.

“South Korean partners announced intentions to become residents of Free port of Vladivostok. This fact suggests that the project demanded foreign partners”, – quotes words of the Minister Deputy Prime Minister and presidential Plenipotentiary envoy in the far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev.

Vice-Premier-Minister of planning and Finance Republic of Korea Kyung-hwan Choi noted the great potential countries for joint cooperation.

“Our relations have moved to a crucial moment in the economic sphere. Today we discussed the release of the large Korean businessmen to the Russian market. Our company is very interested in participating in Maritime projects”, – given in the message words of the Minister of planning and Finance of the Republic of Korea.

Also at the meeting the sides noted the need to continue work on the implementation of tripartite economic cooperation projects involving Russia, the DPRK and the Republic of Korea.

The prospects of Free port of Vladivostok

Trutnev during a working visit to Vladivostok also held a number of meetings concerning the development of the Free port of Vladivostok, priority development areas and the gambling zone “Primorye”.

In particular, at the first meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Free port of the envoy noted the need to maximize the number of potential residents.

“We believe that the regime of the Free port should only work for a limited number of large companies, and to allow people to work in small and medium enterprises. The entry barrier has tried to minimize (5 million roubles of investments for three years) and believe that it is not burdensome”, – said Yuri Trutnev.

According to him, in the selection of residents will act just two criteria: the project must be new, and the investments to be 5 million rubles for three years. He noted the need to rule out the possibility of subjective approach to the selection of investors. For this purpose, in particular, organized e-application system, which within 2 months it is planned to fully automate. In addition, Trutnev said, if a potential investor was denied, he may appeal to the Supervisory Board of the Free port.

Also at the meeting it was announced that duty-Free port regime is not yet operational for lack of regulations. The envoy emphasized that at the next Council meeting should be submitted the report about the timing of the introduction of this mode.

In addition, at the first meeting of the Supervisory Board of port approved the first investment project of a resident, “Pacific investment company”. It intends to build a hotel in Slavyanka with a total investment of about 5 billion rubles.

“The entrance ticket” in a gambling zone

At the meeting, devoted to the development of the gambling zone “Primorye” Trutnev noted that many investors delay the start of construction of its facilities, and it could cost them their platforms, which can be sold to other companies.

“Investors have pulled with the works, some, for objective reasons: they were confronted with archaeological excavations, by law they are required to complete them. Other investors have delayed the beginning of work, we were warned that we redo the investment agreement, set stricter time frames from the point of view the start of work. They should ensure commencement of works, Foundation works, in the first quarter of next 2016. Otherwise, the investment agreement will be terminated and these sites will offer to other investors”, – said the Plenipotentiary.

In addition, further for new investors who want to participate in the construction of a gambling zone it is planned to introduce an admission – fee, which will go including on the construction of infrastructure.

“The ticket price increases. If the first investors came here upon Declaration of the investment, more so here no one will come, investors will pay a certain price for the entrance ticket, and to pay at market competitive conditions, who will pay more, he will get a free site”, – said Trutnev.

Six months to “debug” Tori

Summing up the work on priority development areas, the representative noted that while they created a normative and now want to get on with their actual work. According to him, six months that should be enough.

“TOR was created only normative. Need to start working. The term, which requires that all mechanisms to debug, can be localized in six months. I hope that for six months we have fundamental questions like this together to learn fast, efficient ways debugged. After that will be working regime,” – said Trutnev.

Today the far East has nine THOR, two of them in Primorye.

The first – “Nadezhda” – last week it opened its first plant. They became the plant “* EUROPLAST”, which will produce PET preforms and polymer caps used in the manufacture of plastic bottles. Investment in construction amounted to more than 350 million rubles. After reaching the design capacity the plant will produce almost 500 million PET preforms a year, about 300 million polymer caps annually. The projected annual tax deductions to the budgets of different levels will exceed 45 million rubles. The company will create 110 jobs.

Just “Nadezhda” will work 30 residents, of which anchor will become the company’s “Nevada” and “Incom DV”. Key project THOR will become a transport and logistics complex of the company “Incom DV” – domestic terminal, linked by road or by rail with the seaport. It will also serve as the center for transshipment, storage and customs clearance. This TOR have already begun to create the infrastructure.

THOR “Michael” will specialize in the placement of large farms and centers of deep processing and logistics of agricultural products in the area of 3.9 thousand hectares. Private investment its first residents will be 39 billion, 4.4 billion rubles – budgetary funds. This platform will allow you to create almost 2.5 million jobs.

Another THOR in Primorye will become a Russian island, the documents for approval which are transferred to the government before the end of the year.