The defense Ministry has been asked to provide substantiation of allegations of air strikes on hospitals in Syria

MOSCOW, October 27. The defence Ministry has asked NATO countries and Saudi Arabia to provide the rationale for the common English-language media accusations of strikes by Russian aircraft on the hospital in Syria, said Deputy defense Minister Anatoly Antonov.

“We have invited military attaches of the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, NATO and asked for official support the essence of the statements, or to make a rebuttal. Especially egregious accusations in a number of English-language media in pseudolarix on the hospital,” he said after meeting with military attaches of Antonov.

According to him, recently intensified attacks on the actions of the Russian Air and space forces in Syria from the media of foreign States. “We are accused not only in attacks on “moderate” opposition, but also against civilian targets such as hospitals and mosques and schools. As a result, as reported in the Western media, allegedly killing innocent civilians,” – said Antonov.

“Unfortunately, some officials and political figures of foreign governments do similar statements” – added the Deputy Minister. It is enough to recall the words of US Secretary of state Kerry, the U.S. Secretary of defense Carter, the Secretary General of NATO Stoltenberg, Minister of defence of the United Kingdom Fallon, Minister of defence of France, and many others, listed Antonov.

Without evidence the charges will be considered as information stuffing

The Russian defense Ministry will consider statements about the VC blows of the Russian Federation on peaceful targets in Syria stuffing information, if the foreign representatives do not provide evidence to the contrary within a few days.

Anatoly Antonov said that the Russian defense Ministry will conduct a thorough investigation of all statements about the allegedly destroyed hospitals, mosques, schools and civilian casualties as a result of actions of the Russian aviation. “If the same evidence will not, and will not be a formal rebuttal, we will assume that these anti disinformation are part of the information war against Russia”, – said Antonov.

The Russian defense Ministry hopes that a few days will be enough to understand the issue and provide the necessary clarification, the Deputy Minister stressed.

The Ministry of defense investigates all allegations of attacks on civilian objects

The defence Ministry is carefully investigating all allegations of foreign representatives and the media about the Russian air force strikes on civilian targets in Syria.

According to the Deputy Minister, the Ministry of defense every day brings the most detailed information on actions of the Russian air group in Syria to Russian and world community that tells and shows where, how, when and by whom VKS RF strike.

“If our partners have some additional information, we have long called for to convey it to us,” said the Deputy Minister.

“In each case, the confirmation of the information about the destroyed hospitals, mosques, schools and civilian casualties as a result of actions of the Russian air force will conducted a thorough investigation of what the Western media and military-diplomatic corps will be informed”, – said Antonov.

About the international coalition for fighting ISIS

The defense Ministry calls on foreign States to form a broad international coalition to combat is prohibited in the Russian Federation as a terrorist organization “Islamic state”, said Anatoly Antonov.

“The current situation in Syria once again confirms the relevance and timeliness of the proposals of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin about the urgent necessity of building a broad international coalition in the fight against IG”, – said Antonov following the meeting with military attaches of foreign States.

He stressed that the defense Ministry is waiting for cooperation from other States in setting goals ATT blows of the Russian Federation.

“We continue to expect, as this was repeatedly mentioned by the Russian President Vladimir Putin, cooperation in determining the specific purposes for which it is necessary to strike blows to bases destruction of the IG, or, conversely, the coordinates of the objects that should not be exposed to Russian aircraft”, – said the Deputy Minister.