The growth rate of China’s GDP will be the main task of the plan of the 13th five-year plan

The growth rate of China’s GDP will be the main task of the plan of the 13th five-year plan

The draft plan for economic and social development plan for 2016-2020 discussed in which started on Monday the plenary session of the Central Committee of the Communist party.

BEIJING, 27 Oct. Zhanna Manukyan. The maintenance of economic growth and the GDP growth rate for the next five years will be the main tasks discussed at the ongoing plenary session of the Central Committee of the Communist party of China (CPC Central Committee) the draft of the 13th five-year plan, the newspaper China Daily.

On Monday in Beijing started the fifth Plenum of the CPC Central Committee, to discuss the draft plan for economic and social development plan for 2016-2020. The work of the Plenum will conclude on October 29.

“Maintaining economic growth for the next five years, according to many, the task that heads the list of the top 10 priorities included in the draft plan. GDP growth is widely discussed by the economists of the topic, which is likely to be included in the five-year plan”, — the newspaper writes.

According to official data, GDP growth in the third quarter in annual terms it stood at 6.9% vs. 6.8%. Despite the fact that the rate was better than analysts ‘ forecasts, the growth of the economy still shows the slowest pace since 2009. In the first two quarters of 2015, the Chinese economy grew by 7%.

Amid slowing of China’s economy in the past two years, the concern of top leadership of the country’s economic growth “fully justified,” according to Chinese economists.

“In order to meet the goal of doubling by 2020 the GDP of the country in 2010, requires that the rate of growth was in the interval from 6.7% to 7%,” — said the expert of China center for International economic exchanges, Wang Jun.

Among the main objectives that will be included in the five-year plan, according to media reports, also include the implementation of innovation, optimization methods, economic development and the acceleration of reforms.

The fight against poverty

Stabilization of economic growth is also essential to achieve the goal of eradicating poverty, which was excluded from the list of the main objectives of the plan the 12th five-year plan (2011-2015), the newspaper notes.

China’s leadership has set a goal by 2020 to withdraw because of a poverty line of 70 million people. By the end of last year 70,17 million Chinese living in rural areas were below the poverty line. Their annual income was 2,300 yuan ($376).

Meanwhile, according to the Director of the Research center under the Ministry of environmental protection Xia Guana, the next five years will be a “promising period”, in which it is expected a dramatic improvement in the field of ecology.

“Plan of the 13th five-year plan will be the beginning of the joint campaign to combat pollution of the environment in which we will see coordinated action by various ministries to reduce emissions”, — quotes the edition expert.

Air pollution is a serious problem in China, especially in the Northern part of the country where the level of radioactive particles in the air exceeds the recommended who standards. The main causes of environmental problems are the use of coal and road transport.

In 2013, the Chinese government published the action plan for the control of air and water pollution, and in March of this year declared a “war” pollution. In April, the Ministry of environment announced a campaign to combat misleading data about the quality of the air and accused local officials in the manipulation of data that did not meet state standards. The Ministry of industry in March reported that the authorities in the next five years will reduce the coal consumption by 160 million tons, to reduce the level of air pollution.

Plan 13th five year plan will be officially made public only after its approval by the highest legislative authority is the national people’s Congress, the annual session which will be held in March 2016.