The presidential Commission on fuel and energy complex will discuss import substitution

The presidential Commission on fuel and energy complex will discuss import substitution

The meeting will also discuss, it is expected that the taxation of the oil industry and the strategic development of this sector of the economy.

MOSCOW, 27 Jan. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin will hold on Tuesday a meeting of the Commission on development strategy of fuel-energy complex and environmental safety, which will discuss measures to reduce reliance on imports and investment plans.

Reform of the domestic gas industry, which was expected to be a fee that is not mentioned in the announcement of the press service of the Kremlin.

Discussion on the need to reform “Gazprom” being long. The next surge of interest in this subject occurred in July, when proposals of “Rosneft” on amendments in the General scheme of gas industry development. The company aimed at the energy Ministry, the document contains a proposal on the allocation to 2025 Gazprom gas transport system and underground gas storage, and full liberalization this year, the export of gas from Russia, though retaining elements of state regulation.

Later a number of the Commission members suggested that this topic could be discussed at the next meeting, although not included in the agenda.

The head of “Gazprom” Alexey Miller will not directly participate in the Commission meeting. However, the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told journalists that Putin Tuesday held a videoconference chat with Miller and with the builders of the pipeline “Ukhta-Torzhok-2”. According to Peskov, the event is associated with the context of Commission on fuel and energy complex. In the previous meeting, the head of gas concern did not participate, as he worked on the problem of the Ukrainian non-payments for gas.

A source familiar with preparations for the presidential Commission on fuel and energy complex, told that the meeting is expected to discuss the taxation of oil branch, and also the strategic development of this sector of the economy. It is expected that the oil companies will raise the issue of whether to increase production of these hydrocarbons in Russia amid falling oil prices and if necessary, how to do in the face of rising tax burden.

The head of the Federal Antimonopoly service Igor Artemyev said earlier that his report on the fee will apply to the sale of hydrocarbons for export for roubles.

The results of the previous meeting

Meeting of the presidential Commission on the fuel and energy sector, the Executive Secretary is the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin, are quite rare. The previous was held in June 2014 in Astrakhan. Then the meeting participants made a number of proposals to change the situation in the gas industry — from providing independent producers the opportunity to export gas from new fields in Eastern Siberia and the Far East to reduce tariffs for transportation and gas storage.

From outside “Gazprom” there were proposals on giving opportunities to the holding company to provide discount to the gas price set by the authorities. None of the proposals both independent and “Gazprom” has not received further development.

Oil production was also discussed at the meeting of the Commission in 2014. The main questions were the “big tax maneuver” in the oil industry and the introduction of the tax financial result for the oil fields. Unlike the gas industry, oil proposals were either implemented (tax reform) or are in an advanced stage of implementation — it is expected that the draft law on the introduction of PR for pilot projects in the oil industry may be considered by the state Duma in autumn session.