The Russian foreign Ministry: the true cause of the protests in Montenegro by ignoring the views of the public

MOSCOW, October 25. The true cause of the protests in Montenegro by ignoring the views of a significant part of the society, said the Russian foreign Ministry, commenting on the situation in Montenegro.

“A single concrete fact imaginary Russian involvement in exacerbating social tensions in Montenegro (Prime Minister Milo) Djukanovic has not submitted, and could not imagine, because such facts do not exist, said in depodesta. His goal is clear: to absolve themselves of responsibility for the escalation of the confrontation in Montenegro, although the underlying cause on the surface: a complete disregard for that man, the opinions of a significant part of Montenegrin society.”

Moscow is concerned about the excessive use of force by the authorities of Podgorica against the demonstrators, noted in depodesta. “As for Russia, we are really concerned, but not a choice that should be freely to make the Montenegrin people, and excessive use of force by the authorities of Podgorica against peaceful demonstrators”, – stressed in the Ministry.

Protests in Podgorica

According to media reports, early on the morning of 17 October, the Montenegrin police using non-lethal weapons , conducted from September 27 in front of the Parliament building in the capital Podgorica termless protest action.

According to preliminary data, law enforcement agencies arrested 11 people, including members of Parliament from the opposition Democratic front. According to some reports, in medical institutions of Podgorica delivered dozens of people. Suffered and law enforcement officials.

Last weekend in the capital of Montenegro-Podgorica was held the protest action of the opposition against the policy of Prime Minister Milo djukanović, including against the country’s entry into NATO.

The protesters demanded that the Djukanovic resigned and a transitional government. They tried to break into the Parliament building, threw cordons of police with firecrackers and bottles.

In response, guards used tear gas and stun grenades. During clashes to disperse the demonstrators injured 15 police officers and 24.

Recent developments in Podgorica were regrettable. We have repeatedly stressed that the interests of Russia is a stable and successfully developing Montenegro. At the same time, it is impossible not to see that, contrary to the assurances that the Montenegrin leadership receives from Western States, the inclusion of this country in the process of Euro-Atlantic integration does not lead to its consolidation and prosperity. Quite the contrary, there is political and ideological polarization of society, the exacerbation of socio-economic problems