Ukraine will not be able to the end of the year to save enough gas for the winter season

KIEV, October 27. Ukraine has only 16.9 billion cubic meters of gas is necessary for the passage of winter 19 billion and only 2.6 million tons of coal when required 3.2 million tons. This was announced today by Minister of energy Vladimir Demchyshyn.

“We now have 16.9 billion cubic meters. Unfortunately, to 19 billion cubic meters of gas, of which we have spoken, to be collected before the end of the year is impossible, despite the money from the EBRD”, – he said.

According to the official, Ukraine will be able to bring the gas reserves to a maximum of 17.2 or a little over a million cubic meters due to increased consumption in the country.

The Minister said that energy consumption in the country has already exceeded the planned figures. To normally pass the heating season, Ukraine needs at least 28 billion cubic meters of gas.

“The warehouses are also 2.6 million tons of coal, – said demchyshyn. – During October the inventories increased by 200 thousand tons. Just need 3.2 million tonnes of coal.”

According to him, the Ukrainian energy companies to buy small amounts of coal even in Russia, but that “very small amounts”. “You know what “Centrenergo” and “Donbasenergo” was received in October, but I think it’s tens of thousands (tonnes)”, – he said.

The head of the Ministry suggested that the planned volume of gas in storage (17 billion cubic m) with continuation of the reverse gas supplies from Europe should be enough for the heating season, but in the absence of “extreme temperatures”. “If there are no extreme temperatures, the volume which we have added, we just have to go with reverse direction and inventory, without buying directly in the Russian Federation”, – said Demchyshyn.

The Minister also said that Kiev plans to hold a tender for selecting a company-trader, which will supply gas from the EU. Demchyshyn did not exclude that the winner may be Russian “Gazprom”. “Let’s tender and see who will be the supplier,” the official said.

The co-Chairman of the energy strategies Foundation Dmytro Marunych, “in principle, the existing gas reserves are sufficient for the start of the heating season, but on the condition that Ukraine will continue to purchase. “The winters are relatively mild, with October to April, Ukraine consumes about 28 billion cubic meters (for heating and for the needs of the production). About 10 billion cubic meters of the country receives at the expense of own production, while another 11.5 billion cubic metres can be used from UGS, as 5 billion cubic meters of buffer gas that can be withdrawn from storage. Thus, in the winter we lack about 6.5 billion cubic meters of gas,” he estimated.

As for coal, according to experts, the situation is critical. “At the start of the heating season it is necessary to 3.5 million tons and then to nearly 2 million monthly, said the Director of energy programmes of the Center of world economy of NASU Valentyn Zemlyansky. – Amount of coal for thermal power plants is necessary, because in winter, the Ukrainians become more active to use heaters and other appliances, which leads to increased expenditure of coal to produce electricity. But where to take money for its purchase, and that about 900 million dollars, is not yet entirely clear”.

Analysts predict the coming winter rolling blackouts, which also threatens to bring about the stop of the pumping stations, followed by freezing of water pipes.