“Yandex” has started talks with manufacturers about how to preinstall its services

Moscow. October 27. “Yandex” in talks with device manufacturers about how to preinstall its services, follows from the statements of the company in Russia Alexander Shulgin in a conference call with analysts, banks and investment companies.

“We started negotiations with vendors immediately after the decision of the FAS,” said Shulgin.

According to him, manufacturers of mobile devices have shown great interest in cooperation.

According to Shulgin, the solution of this question (preset services of “Yandex”) will depend on the actions of Google – will it follow the decision of the FAS or decide to challenge it in court.

“I think we will be able to tell something (the outcome of negotiations with manufacturers of mobile devices) in the next call (the fourth quarter),” said Shulgin.

As reported, the FAS gave Google the order to stop the abuse of a dominant position. Among the abuses the service carried a mandatory preset for mobile devices search engine Google as search engine by default and has demanded to stop this practice.

The American company allows manufacturers to install on Android devices the Google Play store only with a number of other Google applications. And the company requires their placement in the priority field on the screen and prohibits vendors pre-installs on devices apps of other developers.

The FAS has ordered Google to 18 November this year to eliminate the violation of the law “On protection of competition” in terms of abuse of a dominant position on the market of pre-installed app stores in the Android OS. In particular, the company must exclude from the agreements with the vendors of anti-competitive regulations that restrict the installation of applications and services to other developers.

FAS filed a case against Google Inc., Google Ireland Ltd. and OOO “Google” in February on the complaint of “Yandex”, the essence of which was that the American company dictates its terms to the manufacturers of mobile devices based on Android operating system. For example, last year Google banned preset all services “Yandex” on mobile devices Fly, Explay and Prestigio. “We believe that services for users such as search, maps, mail, etc. – must be separated from the operating system Android”, – said earlier “Yandex”.

FAS was not the first structure, which had to deal with Google. In 2013, the European Commission (EC) started to consider the complaint of the Alliance Fair Search (it comprises, including Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle) on the dominance of Google in the Android operating system. Last summer the European Commission drew “Yandex” as a witness in this case.

In September, the U.S. justice Department and the Federal trade Commission (FTC), the United States initiated an investigation, during which they plan to figure out whether Google is abusing the capabilities of the Android OS, which, however, does not mean the presentation of the company the relevant charges.