Bill gates celebrates 60th anniversary

LOS ANGELES, October 28. /Corr. Vitaly Makarchev/. One of the leaders in information and computer revolution, bill gates noted on Wednesday its 60th anniversary. A gifted programmer, a brilliant entrepreneur and philanthropist, is representative of the unique generation of people born in 1950-ies, many of which still continue to define the horizons of human civilization.

Gift for gates

The company Microsoft was founded in April 1975 by bill gates and Paul Allen. The state of the gates is estimated at us $79,3 billion.

“The best gift for anniversary for gates can be a book, – said the interviewer. a Microsoft employee. In the past decade, it really gives a lot of time reading books of various genres, including historical and artistic.”

Moreover, on his personal site gates often publishes reviews for various books, as well as lists of literary, journalistic, economic and scientific literature, which he recommends reading to those seeking to keep up with modern times.

The first program

Born into a wealthy family in the Western United States in Seattle (Washington), bill gates childhood was remarkable for her mathematical abilities. My first program is based on children’s logic game “Noughts and crosses” – he created at the age of 13.

While studying in school, he hacked into the computer, after which he was forbidden to use it within three months. However, after this period, the company who created the program for this computer, invited gates as a software consultant. This work gave gates not only technological knowledge but also an understanding of how evolving software business.

Entrepreneurial flair has allowed the gates to win at the initial stage of formation of own business have many competitors. It is known that he, seeking lucrative contracts with large corporations, showed them presentations on the equipment that was purchased from competing firms. If businessmen believed that it was entirely created in the company gates, the latter did not seek to undeceive them in this.

Gates left Harvard not finish my studies in order to, in his words, “don’t be late to launch your own company.” His finest hour came in November 1985 when he first introduced the world to the Windows operating system. The latter became the driving force behind the computer revolution, giving access to the latest computer technology to hundreds of millions of consumers. “We changed the world by changing the ways of work and production,” said gates recently.

Fade and charity

In January 2000, gates resigned as Executive head of Microsoft, he focused on the strategic development of the company and taking the post of chief architect of operating systems. Six years later he decided to further move away from the daily Affairs of the Corporation.

A gradual departure gates from direct company management was largely caused by powerful attacks the competitors and some politicians on Microsoft. In these circumstances, gates felt that it was better to go into the shadows in order to relieve pressure on his business.

In February 2014, gates left all positions in the company, becoming technology Advisor to the chief Executive officer of Microsoft Satya of Nadella.

Gradual withdrawal from active business coincided with the interest of the gates to social issues. In 2000 he and his wife created the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Now, the organization has the world’s largest assets that reach $41 billion, the Foundation is active in Africa, Asia and America in the field of health, education and sustainable development.

Bill gates controls the work of the organization with the same scope as in their time, when the development Microsoft. He attracted as many donors businessmen, including financier Warren Buffett, who has invested in the Fund $10 billion.

Answering the question about the origins of his success, gates likes to say: “Never stop asking yourself about what you can do better”.