Eramova: URALSIB intends twice to increase the clientele of the Internet Bank

Eramova: URALSIB intends twice to increase the clientele of the Internet Bank

About remote Bank services, the prospects of the Russian market of remote banking service, and also about popular myths about “dislike” of Bank customers to electronic services — in interview says the head of Central communications business unit “Retail Bank” Bank URALSIB Tatiana Eramova.

According to the annual market research of the analytical Agency Markswebb Rank&Report-2015, URALSIB Bank ranks among the leaders of the Russian market of mobile banking (Top 3). Internet Bank URALSIB, UsabilityLab, in the “top ten” of the most comfortable on the market. About remote Bank services, the prospects of the Russian market of remote banking service, and also about popular myths about “dislike” of Bank customers to electronic services — in interview says the head of Central communications business unit “Retail Bank” Bank URALSIB Tatiana ERAMOVA.

Tatyana Konstantinovna, why URALSIB today so actively engaged in the development of online services? As far as they are important for traditional universal Bank with a wide network of office support across the country?

— Is very important. Because unlike other traditional service channels Internet and mobile banking consumer has a valuable property: in the presence of almost identical functionality, it’s available 24/7 wherever there is Internet. This property today is crucial for consumers of banking services, which strives to optimize its interaction with the Bank. Modern customers it is hard to understand why you need to go to Bank office for payment, receipt or transfer of funds, if this basic operation can be performed in a few clicks on your smartphone, without leaving home. Certainly, the work with online services, we have begun not yesterday, it is in principle impossible to deploy in a few months. A strategy of development of remote services, professional team and large investment in technology development. URALSIB operates in the banking market for over 25 years, and the first version of the Internet Bank, we launched at the beginning of 2000-ies, one of the first. In 2014, the year there is a new, improved version of the Internet Bank with improved customer interface. It was also released mobile app.

Did the introduction of these on the dynamics of the number of users of online services?

— Quite noticeable. Over the past year (September to September) the number of connected clients and the volume of transactions in the online and mobile Bank grew in two times. Today is an active user of the service is every third customer of the Bank. Doubled and Commission income on transactions online. But along with the launch of services, we are also engaged in active promotion of these services.

What opportunities have today mobile and Internet-Bank URALSIB, for example — in comparison with traditional services?

— Almost all of which are available in the traditional office. And I’m talking exactly about operating services. Online access to the Bank’s customer — more than 11 thousand of Federal and regional service providers. Users can get information on their accounts, cards, deposits, repay loans, open deposits, make transfers to individuals and legal entities, to pay for communication services, utilities and other services, to monitor currency exchange rate and perform the conversion to block and unblock the card, and get personalized offers from the Bank. To connect to the Internet banking can also be online — if the card company.

It is important that when building remote services, we use the concept of omni-channel, so-called “cross-cutting” service, the essence of which is that the client with the application in one electronic channel, can ensure the continuation of the transaction in another channel. Simply put, by contacting the call center of the Bank and leaving, for example, a loan application, You will see its status in your personal area on the website, the online and mobile Bank.

A little about the myths that surround the market of remote banking services. It is considered, for example, that the audience of mobile and Internet banking there are hard limits to growth that limited users to 40 years living in Metropolitan Metropolitan areas. Is this true?

— These myths are really very stable, though, and reflect the market situation and customer requests five years ago. Technological progress and changing market and people’s minds, but many people (including bankers) still believe that the majority of Bank customers are not fond of online services, mobile banking is popular only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as what person after 40-45 years already, in principle, impossible to change the model of relations with the Bank. This is not so. Summarizing the data of different serious market research (in particular, independent analytical companies Synovate Comcon and Markswebb Rank & Report), as well as our own Analytics, I can say that the users of the Internet Bank are evenly concentrated in Moscow and in the cities-“millionaires”, and the main audience of users (33,6%) is in cities with number from 100 thousand to 500 thousand inhabitants. 75% of our customers are active Internet users, that is potentially ready to work in the online services of the Bank. And, finally, the myth of age is proving too is untenable, since virtually every third user of our Internet banking — over 45 years of age, and e-services today, if you want quite successfully acquire customers in the age of 70-80 years. Moreover, the interface in the online and mobile Bank – intuitive and “friendly” to the client.

Then what is the main problem in the way of technical progress in relations between Bank and client?

— It is not in excessive conservatism of clients and total rejection of electronic services as such. In many cases clients either don’t know about the service (or believe that it is not the Bank), or know but are afraid to try, considering that the interface of the electronic services will be too complex for them.

What to do with the first problem is clear — you just need to convey to the client the necessary information. How to solve second? How to decide the Direction?

— Work is carried out systematically. In August of this year the Bank launched a program of promotion of electronic channels, which includes a wide range of activities to promote, to connect to electronic services and the support of our customers. Obviously, you need to help make the first step, along the way creating the necessary incentives to ensure that the client sought to perform a maximum number of operations in the mobile or online banking, and realized the advantage of this model. In particular, in offices of Bank training clients work in online channels: managers demonstrate the capabilities of the service, together with the client conducting its operations in the Internet Bank. Having basic practical skills, and after one or two operations, the client may, by analogy to use the Internet Bank at home, and also to master the principles of work in mobile Bank, because the interface of these applications is similar. Also customer can go through and independent learning online — on the website of the Internet Bank you will see the test version of the service with tips. So we help to make that most difficult first step and clearly show that there is nothing difficult in electronic services actually no. As for incentives, we now tariff policy of the Bank in retail encourages customers to conduct transactions online. So, to pay a large number of services or to make payments in remote channels without a fee or a minimum fee (for a number of services is two to three times lower than the box office), to open a Deposit in the Internet Bank at a higher rate and currency exchange services online — the customer will be able at a more favourable rate.

What are the goals? Development of Internet – and mobile Bank URALSIB in the coming year?

— The main principle remains the same — the online services should be convenient, simple and understandable for a wide range of users, and more profitable than traditional channels of service. In the short term in the functional of the Internet Bank will be such services as the transfer from card to card (including cards of any Bank of the Russian Federation), payments on phone operators “the big three”, tracking of customer debts for housing and communal services and traffic police fines, the order of release/reissue of Bank cards and a number of other services. The number of connected and active clients in the Internet Bank by the end of 2016 we plan to increase twice that proportion is expected to increase and Commission income from retail business operations in the Internet Bank. The CBR plans to seriously address the development of electronic interaction in the financial market. The targets are: by 2018 the share of products and services of banks which are available in electronic form, should be increased from the current 18% to 85% and demand for electronic financial services — grow from the current 22% to 65%. As we have seen, the banks are a serious problem, not only in terms of enhancing their technological capabilities, but in terms of training, “training” customers to online interaction. So we are now actively working on a wide range of directions of development of remote banking service, while trying to be in the forefront of the market.