In the capital of Japan opens 44th showroom Tokyo Motor Show

TOKYO, October 28. /Corr. Igor Belyaev/. In one of the main exhibition halls of Tokyo Big Sight /”big site”/, located on the popular man-made island of Odaiba, on Wednesday opens 44th showroom Tokyo Motor Show 2015. More than 30 leading Japanese and foreign car manufacturers will present the latest achievements in the field of automobile industry.

As expected, the main Japan’s auto giant Toyota Motor Corp will show at the motor show a new concept sports car, which will differ for small size and high manageability. According to experts, the coupe from Toyota will be the main competitor for the price and quality of the Roadster MX-5 from Japan’s Mazda Motor Corp.

Toyota will present its new concept-cards for fuel cells that looks more like the vehicle of the distant future from a science fiction movie than a car built in 2015. Similar auto show and Honda Motor Co, which also must introduce a new sports car its NSX line. Mazda will show a new sports car and a concept car. Suzuki Motor Corp will be pleased with the updated version of its subcompact Ignis.

This year, Japanese automakers have even more emphasis on hybrid cars and fuel cell car. The local industry is actively striving to reduce harmful emissions and transition to more environmentally friendly modes of transport, investing in technology development in this area billions of yen.

One of the most intriguing cars at this year’s exhibition promises to be a concept car from Nissan with an unusual name Teatro for Dayz, the design of which can identify the driver by his own choice. Experts compare this car with a “clean canvas” on which the owner of this car is able to Express their individuality. Equipped with a huge number of modern electronics that allows to achieve incredible customization of both the interior and exterior of cars, Teatro for Dayz may be the first representative of the car is really a new generation.

Tokyo Motor Show is held once every two years for nearly half a century. The first such showroom in the Japanese capital took place in 1954. “Futuristic technology come to life through the power of science and technology, said the organizer of the exhibition, the head of the Japanese Association of automobile manufacturers Fumihiko IKE. – We hope that the Tokyo Motor Show this year will be a fantastic showcase of technologies that give rise to new dreams and imagination of people around the world.”