beginning of the simplification of structure and consolidation of assets in Russia

Moscow. October 28. Group Ltd. in recent months, is working to reorganize its assets – the company brings together the key subsidiaries in Russia. Also changes the ownership structure of Russian assets, excluding from it the foreign company to the data base “SPARK-Interfax”.

“Changes are related to the consolidation of the group and simplifying its structure”, – said the press service From there further comments abstained.

In September the company “Internet company Mail.Roux” became the owner of 100% of LLC “”, previously owned by a Cypriot MGL Equity Ltd. “Internet company” also wholly owns LLC “ Gas” and open company “Schoolmates”. The last two assets will be attached to “”.

In September changed the owner of the most “Internet companies” – instead of a virgin Group ltd. they became Cypriot MGL Equity Ltd.

Earlier, in July this year, OOO “Vkontakte” (owns the eponymous social network, and since last fall on 100% belongs to structures lost foreign owners – Group ltd. (50,07%) and Cyprus VK.Com Holdings (49,93%). Their place was taken by “” and “Internet company Mail.PY”, respectively.

At present subsidiaries “” are also NGOs “ and Mail.PN technologies”.

The head company of holding – Group ltd. registered in the virgin Islands. Its ADR is traded on the London stock exchange, free float is 49.8 per cent.

The authorized capital consists of 11 million 500 thousand 100 shares of class “A” (have 25 votes that are not traded on the stock exchange) and 208 82 million 582 thousand ordinary shares (one vote, are traded on the stock exchange).

The main shareholder – holding of Alisher Usmanov and his partners USM, he owns 15.2% of equity and 58% of the vote. South African media company Naspers owns 27,55% of the capital and 12.2% of the vote. The third largest shareholder – Chinese Internet company Tencent, which owns a value of 7, 37% of the capital and 3.27 per cent of the vote. The CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors Dmitry Grishin owns a 1.84% capital and 0.82% of votes.

At the end of last year, USM has transferred controlling stakes in two of its largest assets – JSC “MegaFon” and JSC “holding company metalloinvest” – the Russian holding company of LLC “AF Telecom holding” and OOO “metalloinvest USM advisers,” respectively.

These steps USM explained, “the announcement by President Vladimir Putin of course on deofshorizatsiyu Russian economy and the tax code provisions regarding taxation of income of controlled foreign companies”.

No nor USM will not comment on whether the restructuring of the assets of the Internet holding company with the offshore system. Group owns 100% of the Internet resource and 100% of instant messaging service ICQ. The company is also in full control of social network “Vkontakte”, “Classmates” and the online portal of Headhunter. Group owns minority stakes in 10-15 other Internet projects in Russia and Ukraine.

Revenue Group Ltd. in the third quarter of 2015 amounted to 9.5 billion rubles, which is by 13.1% more than the same period last year.