Matviyenko called “without fanaticism” approach to restrictions for civil servants

MOSCOW, October 28. /Corr. Sergey Izotov/. The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko considers that the issue of increasing restrictions for public servants and parliamentarians should be approached “without fanaticism”, a very balanced and calm.

“Here (in the limits for civil servants and parliamentarians) need to be approached very carefully, very articulately. I would say without fanaticism”, – said Matvienko, answering a question of journalist.. She recalled that “in recent years adopted a series of legislative acts, severely limiting officials, deputies of state officials”. According to the Senator, these limits were correct and timely. “And this is the real mechanisms of fighting corruption, the shadow economy,” she added.

However, Matviyenko said that “the profession of civil servant bureaucrat, MP is very important for the state and for those people important criteria are honesty and integrity. “But if strongly to bend the stick, we can deal with the fact that will decrease the prestige of the profession, or will come people don’t demand in any other field, this too extreme, or will need to serve government officials, MPs people with no relatives of the orphans to recruit up to the third generation, then to check”, – said Matvienko. “We need a very calm balanced approach,” she said.

Earlier in the Communist party announced his intention to prepare in near future to submit for consideration the lower chamber of Parliament a new bill banning civil servants from holding property abroad, as well as to study and be treated abroad. About this informed the Deputy of the state Duma, the head of the legal service of the Communist Vadim Soloviev.

In may 2013 in Russia came into force a law prohibiting officials, parliamentarians and security forces have deposits, store cash and valuables in banks located outside of territory of the Russian Federation. During discussion of this document has been raised repeatedly about the need to ban and availability of real estate abroad, but this measure never was introduced: have a home abroad is permitted provided that it is declaring, regardless of the cost.