Media: the Prosecutor General’s office has not found violations in Windows 10 that collects personal data

MOSCOW, October 28. Microsoft collects the personal data of Russians in full compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. This conclusion was made by the state office of public Prosecutor, having checked after the Deputy’s request, the chief lawyer of the CPRF Vadim Soloviev the Russian representation of American company and its operating system Windows 10, write “Izvestia”.

“The developer of Windows 10 collects the following user data: name, surname, email address, mailing address, data on age, sex, country, language, phone number, passwords, prompts for passwords, interests, billing information, IP address, network settings, about relationships with other people and organizations, location”, – quote “Izvestia” available to them, the answer of the first Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman.

In this case, the Prosecutor’s office noted that paragraph 3 of the license agreement to use Windows 10 provides the user’s consent to the processing of said information, consistent with article 437 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation and item 5 of part 1 of article 6 of the Federal law “On personal data”.

However, the Prosecutor General’s office indicates that the citizen has the option not to provide your personal data to the company. “Operating system Windows 10 can operate in the local account, that is, without the use of services requiring the provision of personal data”, said Buksman.

As for possible leaks of information from public authorities, as noted in the letter, to check the operating system was connected to the Federal security service, which also found no violations. “According to the Federal security service, the government’s use of the Windows operating system 10 will not lead to leakage of protected information,” concluded the Prosecutor.

According to Solovyov, the deputies will seek a more thorough check. “The law clearly States that personal data of Russian citizens must be processed only on the territory of the Russian Federation, – he said. But the Prosecutor’s office why not pay attention to it. In addition, the Agency conducted a check of the license agreement, not exploring the operating system itself, without the involvement of specialized experts.”

In its request Soloviev pointed out that, according to Russian legislation, all personal data of Russian citizens must be stored and processed in Russia, in addition, the collection and processing of personal data of Russian citizens can only be done by organizations, which are included in the registry of personal data operators. Meanwhile, Microsoft admits that its servers are in the USA, and its license agreement allows the disclosure of these data on request of foreign intelligence services.