Putin: terrorist threat from the Middle East requires better cooperation between special services

MOSCOW, October 28. Growing terrorist activity in the middle East and North Africa will require improved interaction between intelligence agencies of different countries. This is stated in the greeting of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the participants of the Moscow meeting of heads of security bodies and special services (Sorb) of the States-participants of CIS, which was read by the Director of FSB of Russia Alexander Bortnikov.

“The evolving geopolitical situation dictates the need to find new effective ways to respond to modern challenges and threats”, – underlined in the greeting of the head of state.

“A particular danger today is the growing terrorist activity, splicing of radical groups with transnational organized crime. Extreme concern is the situation in the middle East and North Africa. The terrorists are trying to use this region as a bridgehead, where recruitment and training, which can be used to destabilize other States,” – said in greeting. In this regard, the President emphasized, “it is important to steadily increase the level of interaction, to use the most modern forms and methods of activity, to develop common approaches to solving problems”.

Vladimir Putin noted that meetings of the Council “were and remain in demand multilateral platform on which representatives of special services of CIS countries have the opportunity to exchange experiences, to discuss the most pressing professional issues”.