Sands: consultations on coordination of the Russian and American military in Syria are

MOSCOW, October 28. Consultations on a possible coordination of actions of the Russian and American military in Syria is not currently underway. The journalists said the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

“No, no,” he said, answering a question about possible advice in light of the statements of head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter about a possible U.S. ground operation in Syria.

On the participation of all countries concerned in the settlement of siniscola

The President’s press Secretary, speaking about Moscow’s position on the upcoming negotiations in Vienna said that Russia is against artificial exclusion of certain countries from discussions of the Syrian settlement.
“The Russian side stands for the widest possible discussion of a political settlement in Syria with the participation of all States that can positively influence the course of settlement. We believe that artificially exclude some of the regional States from the process of discussion is impossible from the point of view of finding a viable solution,” – said the representative of the Kremlin.

A significant blow to the terrorists

Attempts at political settlement in Syria would have been futile prior to the application of tangible blow to the terrorists.
“We believe that the priority now is – this has been spoken about the President (Vladimir) Putin at a meeting with (Vice-Chancellor, Minister of economy and energy of Germany Sigmar) Gabriel – the fight against terrorism and extremism in Syria, at least, as the President said, the application of terrorist and extremist groups with tangible impact. After that, it will be possible to speak objectively about the political settlement. On the contrary, unfortunately, to be absolutely futile and illogical,” – said Peskov.