SAR: e the insurance policy is purchased about 20 thousand people

MOSCOW, October 28. Electronic insurance policy from the beginning of the project E-policy (1 July 2015 – approx. ed.) purchased about 20 thousand people. About this at the round table of the all-Russian Union of insurers and the Bank of Russia said the Executive Director of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) Evgenie Ufimtsev.

“When we planned and launched thought it would be a great excitement from consumers who want to use the service, said Ufimtsev. However, he added, the number of visits to the websites of insurance organizations in order to issue electronic insurance policy, “10 times real contracts”.

“We understood and made sure that while our people and the market situation, perhaps leading them to believe that in the moment when you press the button the electronic policy to pay for the card or select the option to deliver by courier – 9 out of 10 chooses to deliver by courier”, – said the Executive Director of the PCA.

The country annually is around 40 million contracts OSAGO, reminded Ufimtsev.

The project E-policy was launched in Russia on 1 July this year, but before October 1, motorists could only prolong the current CTP contract through the website of the insurer. Now citizens can buy electronic insurance policy from any insurance organization that provides such an opportunity.