The Federation Council approved the law on deprivation of powers of deputies of all levels for failing to declare income

MOSCOW, October 28. The Federation Council approved a law providing for deprivation of office for the deputies of all levels, as well as senators and municipal officials for the absence is prescribed by the law deadline: April 1 – declarations of income and property.

According to the document, responsibility of deputies at all levels, including municipal, as well as senators is to declare income, expenditure and assets, informing about the presence of conflict of interests and liquidation of foreign accounts. For non-submission or untimely submission of the specified information is established responsibility in the form of early termination of powers.

Similar requirements are imposed for municipal officials. “In case of breach of the restrictions, prohibitions, failure to fulfil the obligations established in the aforementioned Federal laws, the powers of a person deputizing for a municipal post, stop ahead of schedule”, – stated in the law. Because municipal deputies and officials such restrictions are introduced for the first time, they are given three months from the date of entry into force of the law on the liquidation of foreign accounts.

As noted by the head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Andrey Klishas, in accordance with the Constitution local governments are not included into system of public authorities, “which implies non-interference of representatives of Federal and regional authorities in the activities of the municipal bodies”. “At the same time, in essence, local government is a form of organization of public power, therefore, all restrictions that apply to Federal and regional parliamentarians, can and must be applicable to a representative of authorities”, – said the Senator.

Under current law, until April 1, Federal and regional officials and legislators are required to file information about their income, expenses, property and obligations of property character, as well as their spouses and minor children. Since 2013 for them, a ban on the ownership of Bank accounts, financial instruments abroad. However, they are allowed to have property abroad subject to its Declaration, regardless of the cost. After the entry into force of the law approved today, the same requirements will apply to municipal officials and deputies.