The Minister is counting on the abolition of national roaming in Russia in 1-2 years

MOSCOW, October 28. The Minister of communications and mass media Nikolai Nikiforov expects the abolition of national roaming in Russia in 1-2 years. He declared it on Wednesday to journalists on the sidelines of the forum “Open innovations”.

“We are for the abolition of national roaming. When this might happen? I hope that within 1-2 years, but need joint work to improve inter-operator connections and gradual deregulation of the industry,” he said.

Nikiforov recalled that national roaming has historically occurred within the scope of a special regulation, when each mobile operator, despite the fact that he had his own channels connect different cities to each other, it is still obliged to connect to a specific Federal operator.

“Today we are on the path of liberalization, we for what the state has year after year to reduce its regulatory impact. Now is the reform of inter-operator interaction, when it is done, and the operators in the free market, then can occur the removal of national roaming”, he explained.

The Minister stressed that to date, the cellular operator will not be difficult to give up national roaming, but you must implement all of the provisions of the new regulation, that such withdrawal did not lead to higher prices for cellular communication in Russia.