The peacekeepers of the CSTO are ready to perform operations on the territory of other States

MOSCOW, October 28. Peacekeeping forces of the CSTO are ready to perform operations not only in member countries of the Organization, but also on the territory of other States, if the corresponding decision of the UN. This was reported to journalists by Deputy Secretary General of the CSTO Valery Semerikov.

“In the case of a decision our peacekeeping forces are ready to perform tasks as the mandate of the collective security Council of the CSTO and the UN mandate”, he said.

According to Semerakova, the representatives of the International Committee of the red cross participated in the training of CSTO peacekeepers in international humanitarian law.

“But most of the work on the preparation of our peacekeeping forces, we are in close cooperation with the Department of peacekeeping operations of the UN,” – said Semerikov.