The Right cause at the Congress will elect the Board and will formulate the program

The Right cause at the Congress will elect the Board and will formulate the program

The fourth party Congress held on Saturday. During the meeting, the members of the party intend to change the governing bodies, to elect the Chairman, to adopt policy principles and decide on the electoral platform.

MOSCOW, 28 Oct. Party “Right cause” at the VI Congress on Saturday is going to change governing bodies and to adopt the principles that will form the basis of the program to the Duma elections of 2016, will also be discussed the question of possible coalitions, said the leader of the party Vyacheslav Maratkanov.

“The party had already left Congress, it is time to gather. First of all, we need to change the governing bodies — it will be the election of a new political Council, it will be created on the principles, how was the election campaign in the regions, there are decent people that won, have a chance to go in there and strong regional leaders who will go on elections to the state Duma, but it is at the discretion of Congress,” said a party leader.

Mardanov added that the Congress should be elected Chairman of the party. “If the party, of course, will have the confidence, I will submit my candidacy”, he said. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, proposals from other candidates for the position of Chairman of the political Council to date has not been received, but it is expected that during the Convention, some regional leaders may nominate their candidates. “Because we have strong regionals that are worthy to participate in the election race”, — said Martynov.

He stated that the Congress “Right cause” to take software principles, finally determine his electorate campaign platform. “This is not to say that the party program will be taken — will be taken the programme principles based on which will be completed and, accordingly, worked out the ideology with which the party will go on elections to the state Duma”, — said the leader of the party.

Maratkanov announced that the Congress will discuss the participation of the party in the parliamentary elections, possible alliances and coalitions.

“Will discuss the mechanism, because we know what we have in the last ten years there has been an election by the majority system, respectively, the party will be set and the list, and to put up candidates in single-member constituencies, but it will be discussed”, — said the representative of the Right cause.