Uber planned in 2016 to begin work in all the cities of the Russian Federation

Uber planned in 2016 to begin work in all the cities of the Russian Federation

Moscow. October 28. The service of taxi Uber calculates after six months to a year to start working in all Russian cities with population over 1 million people, said Director of regional development of Uber in Russia Irina raider.

“Now we are present in five (locations). By the end of this year we start again. Overall this is a six months to a year,” Rader said at a press conference in Novosibirsk on Wednesday.

It is not said, in some cities, the service will work in the near future.

Uber on Tuesday started its work in Novosibirsk. Thus, now in the city are all major players in the market aggregators of orders taxi “Yandex.Taxi”, Gett and Uber. The arrival of Uber evoked cautious reaction of traditional companies providing taxi services.

Skepticism competitors

According to the Chairman of the Board of NP “Taxi carriers of Siberia” Irina Zaripova, information about the appearance in Novosibirsk Uber carriers are perceived with some skepticism. If the service “Yandex.Taxi” and Gett, also started to work in Novosibirsk in 2015, working with taxi companies, Uber is directly with drivers. This form of work, in her view, would adversely affect transport safety.

“As for Uber, we don’t yet know how it will work (in Novosibirsk), but, judging from experience in other cities, Uber is positioning itself not as a taxi, and as the service of personal drivers, respectively, they do not work with taxi companies, they work directly with the drivers. That is the usual motorist that has a personal car, can come to company and sign up for Uber”, – said Zaripov.

In turn, the head of Uber in St. Petersburg Michael Fisher noted that Uber in Russia works only with legal entities.

In General, according to Zaripova, the emergence of large national players globaliseret the transport market in Novosibirsk. “If earlier there were many players who fought for his clients, there was some competition, now the big aggregators combine this market”, – she noted.

The Scale Uber

Previously, Fischer noted that Uber in Russia are interested in cities with population over 500 thousand people, primarily cities.

Uber is an international technology company that develops mobile services on call car with a personal driver. The company provides services in 330 cities in over 60 countries. In Russia, it started in 2013 and is now represented in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Novosibirsk. In Moscow and St. Petersburg service operates in the premium and mass segments in other cities only in bulk.