“Communists of Russia” returned his Komsomol organization the name of the Komsomol

MOSCOW, October 29. The party “Communists of Russia” has established a youth organization VLKSM – the all-Russian Leninist Communist youth Union. Its main purpose, the party members see a “fight against imperialism”.

Restorative Komsomol Congress was held in Moscow with the participation of leaders from more than 40 regions of the country. Also the Congress was attended by representatives of friendly “Communists of Russia” organizations from the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk national republics, Hungary, Sri Lanka, South Africa.

The youth organization acted at the party and previously under the name “young Communist League of Russia”, and she now returned to historical abbreviation.

In a Congress resolution hailed “the most important task of youth,” “fighting imperialism”.

“The Komsomol considers it a crucial part of the anti-imperialist struggle continued support of the anti-fascist movement of the people of Donbas, support for the progressive government of Syria, the support of all socialist countries – the fight against the blockade of Cuba, the solidarity with the DPRK, deepening integration of the Union of the BRICS countries”, – emphasized in the resolution.

The leader of the “Communists of Russia” Maxim suraykin promised that the party will do anything to the youth organization on his feet. He stressed the importance of the return of the name of the Komsomol. “As you a boat name, so it will float. This historic name carries a genetic memory,” – said suraykin. He noted that the activists of the Komsomol will be able to participate in Duma elections next year. “We invite everyone, we will provide the maximum number (of seats) for members in party lists and in single mandate electoral districts”, – said suraykin.

October 29 marks the anniversary of the creation of the all-Union Lenin Communist youth Union. With the support of the Communist party currently operates a youth organization youth (Leninist Communist youth Union).