Developed by the students the concept car will form the basis of the future cars of AVTOVAZ

YAROSLAVL, October 29. /Corr. Andrey Serov/. Developed by the students at the forum “Future intellectual leaders of Russia” in Yaroslavl car concept will form the basis of future models of AVTOVAZ, which will probably begin to produce in 2025. This was told correspondent.TASS mentor a group of students at the forum, the engineer of the auto giant Anatoly Ryzhov.

“Coarse-grained concept car was developed at AVTOVAZ in 1992, and we took it. On the forum we decided to study the design of this car: compounds, mechanisms, appearance. This development will form the basis of future concept cars of AVTOVAZ and interaction of concern with scientific institutions of the country,” said Ryzhov.

The guys suggested that in 10 years the car will be cheaper to assemble in their own garage three main modules that easily attach to the base model depending on needs. For example, the back of the machine it will be possible to increase, if you are going on a journey, or to attach a small module to explore the city.

One of the main problems that students decided how to join the modules together to a common design is not lost stiffness. “When we thought about the modules, a student from Kazan Karim Shakirov suggested to use in the design of the monowheel, and defended this idea half a day. Thus, it is possible to do at will the two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicle. I think this is a wonderful, crazy idea, then you change the very understanding of the car,” said Ryzhov.

According to him, the coarse-grained project car can get into the innovative development program of AVTOVAZ for the next decade. He noted that the company remains environmentally friendly and innovative domestic cars. “For this year and next, the program has already been approved, but we can plan a program for the decade, to put ideas guys on materials, connectors, driving and to work on them,” said the designer.

The third all-Russian forum “Future intellectual leaders of Russia” will last in Yaroslavl until October 29. It involved about 500 gifted students from 85 regions of the Russian Federation. Among these, 86 winners of various international competitions, 155 winners of all-Russian competitions, 10 holders of patents, innovations and patent applications. The average age of forum participants is 16. During the four days of the forum they decided more than 40 tasks set before them by the leading institutes and engineers of the largest companies and corporations in the country.