FADN: in the name of “Islamic state” two wrong – it is not a state and not Islamic

MOSCOW, October 29. In the name of the banned international terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG) two untruths: it is not a state and not Islamic, said the head of Federal Agency on Affairs of nationalities (FADN) Igor Barinov.

“Calling themselves the “Islamic state” terrorists are trying to manipulate the minds of millions of people, to prove the legitimacy of their actions and to raise the status. Repeating the name every day, politicians and journalists, in fact, pander to the desires of terrorists who go on about them, spreading lies in thousands of messages, – said Barinov in Grozny on a meeting “On the practice and objectives of Executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation on realization the strategy of state national policy until 2025”.

“ISIS is not a state! This terrorist organization has no legal status, state institutions, territory and laws. And when that non-existent state calls itself Islamic, the 20 million Muslims living in Russia, I feel insulted, because the idea of terrorists far from traditional Islamic values”, – said the head of FADN. “The leaders of ISIS are not religious leaders, they are terrorists and should be called accordingly. Offer to stop using the name “Islamic state” in the public sphere and call them only as “the terrorist group ISIS,” said Barinov.

“Islamic state”

“Islamic state” (IG) – Islamist terrorist organizations in 2013-2014 operated under the name “Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL), mainly on the territory of Iraq and Syria. In June 2014 announced the creation of the occupied territories an “Islamic Caliphate” (state with Sharia form of government) and rename it to “Islamic state”. CIA analysts, the number of groups was about 30 thousand people, the Iraqi authorities say about 200 thousand In the ranks of the Islamists are citizens of 80 Nations, including France, Britain, Germany, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada; the Russian Federation and other CIS countries. According to some reports, currently, the militants controlled 40% of the territory of Iraq and about 50% of Syria.

The IG recognized as a terrorist organization in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, India, Indonesia, and Russia (29 December 2014).

Fighting in the composition of the IG natives of Russia and the CIS are a threat to those countries

Fighting on the side, not the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG), more than five thousand people from the Russian Federation and the CIS regions represent a potential threat to these countries, said Barinov.

The head of FADN noted that in recent years the district has done much to reduce the terrorist threat, “eliminated the leaders of many factions, including the notorious “Caucasus Emirate”, has significantly decreased the number of terrorist attacks, improved the efforts to counter the spread of radical ideas”. “However it should be noted that there are new challenges and threats. Recently the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that more than five thousand natives of Russia and the CIS is at war now, as part of ISIL in Syria and Iraq. Many of them are natives of the North Caucasus. The problem is not so much that they went there, and that they will be there to come back. And return will be armed, with distorted ideas of Jihad and acquired combat experience,” said Barinov.

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According to him, Russia today is “before a new round of radicalism, more dangerous than before had to face”.

“We must be prepared not only at the level of law enforcement bodies and power structures work, in principle, do. Further coordinated and interrelated work of all authorities, Muslim clergy, teachers of universities and schools, representatives of the media, everyone associated with the education of youth, with the impact on the public consciousness,” said the head of FADN.

A meeting held in Grozny, the Plenipotentiary representative of Russian President in North Caucasus Federal district Sergei Melikov. It discussed the challenges and practices of Executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation on realization the Strategy of state national policy until 2025.