In the state Duma consider a failed appointment to “rosteh” Serdyukov

In the state Duma consider a failed appointment to “rosteh” Serdyukov

In the state Duma consider a bad decision to appoint the Director of the industrial aviation industry of the state Corporation “rostec” Anatoly Serdyuk, because he preferred foreign equipment.

MOSCOW, 29 Oct. The first Deputy head of the economic Committee of the state Duma Mikhail Emelyanov (WED) called the failed appointment of ex-defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov to the position of industrial Director for aviation industry in the state Corporation “rostec” on the background of a declared policy of import substitution.

The representative of “Rostec” earlier reported that Serdyukov was appointed the Corporation’s industrial Director for the aviation industry. Key aviation unit of Rostec holding “Helicopters of Russia”, uniting all the helicopter industry enterprises of the country, the holding includes several enterprises that manufacture aviation equipment.

“It’s a very unfortunate purpose, it is not a trend, at least not what is needed for domestic industry”, — said Emelyanov.

“After all, if not to take into account the criminal aspect of his activities that has not been proven, its activity on a post of the Minister has been very ineffective. He was different in that it actively replaced our production with imports, it conducts essentially exportakademie, when the products of many of our businesses artificially not allowing the Military-industrial Commission, and in return got imported products at dumping prices”, — said the Deputy.

The Russian military leadership when Serdyukov often criticized the quality of Russian weapons, in some cases advocating purchases from abroad or to develop weapons together with foreign companies.

According to the Deputy, Serdyukov is not interested in the development of Russian industry and much effort to suppress it. “Then the question arises: how can its purpose be combined with import substitution? That is, we again in aviation appears to import the aircraft?” — said Emelyanov.

Key aircraft companies of Russia, including “Dry”, “Tupolev”, “Ilyushin”, “Yakovlev” and “MiG”, in United state of United aircraft Corporation.