Matvienko has proposed to give Primakov reading international status

MOSCOW, October 29. The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko has proposed to give Primakov reading international status – maybe in the format of the annual forum.

“I think the personality of this man (Yevgeny Primakov), its rich artistic heritage – scientific, intellectual, economic – allow us to think about giving readings Primakov international status. Perhaps in the format of the forum in which the participation of famous politicians, scientists, economists, diplomats and cultural figures”, – said the speaker of the upper house of Parliament, speaking today on the first of Primakov’s readings, dedicated to the legacy of the outstanding Russian politician and public figure.

According to Matvienko, despite the fact that today the biography and ideas of Primakov is well known, it can be argued that Russia is “still in the very beginning of understanding how all fortunate to live and work with this person”. “And today’s reading is only a first attempt to realize, comprehend and appreciate the enormous contribution of Primakov in the formation and development of modern Russia”, – said the MP.

The head of the Federation Council recalled that Primakov played an important role in Russian foreign and domestic policy, occupying in his time as Minister of foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister of Russia. In particular, it recalled that with the arrival of Primakov has drastically changed the situation in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and in Russian foreign policy. “He had to perform the hardest work in the intensive care unit of the centuries-old foundations of Russian foreign policy and to develop them in a radically new environment that emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union,” she said. The Senator reminded that the name Primakov was due to the emergence of the concept of multipolar world and “its famous u-turn over the Atlantic in March 1999 and the official visit to the US (then Primakov held the post of head of government) showed the world that Russian foreign policy has changed irrevocably and return to any form of its dependence on external forces is impossible in principle”. According to Matvienko, Primakov gave an accurate assessment of the events in the middle East and Ukraine and “has shown the real danger of the so-called “Islamic state” (is prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist group).

Matviyenko stressed that she “was always very important to know the opinion of Yevgeny Maksimovich (Primakov) on certain areas of the country and the work of the Council of the Federation”. She added that Primakov expressed the assessment and recommendations “were notable intellectual contribution to the theory and practice of parliamentarism.”