Naftogaz: further purchases of gas from Gazprom will depend on the prices

From the comparison of prices for European gas suppliers and Gazprom will depend on how much Kiev will buy in Europe, and “Gazprom”, said the representative of “Naftogaz”.

KIEV, 29 Oct. Further buy gas from “Gazprom” and the following payments of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” will depend on the price of European gas suppliers and Gazprom, said on Thursday to journalists by the Director of business development at Naftogaz Yury Vitrenko.

Gazprom said Thursday that it has received from “Naftogaz of Ukraine” another $ 64 million pre-payment for gas supplies. Thus, the total prepayment amounted to 518 million dollars, 18 million dollars exceeding the amount specified in the winter gas package as required for procurement.

In winter gas package, which Ukraine, Russia and the European Commission initialled on 25 September, agreed compulsory purchase “Naftogaz” from “Gazprom” gas credit on 500 million dollars attracted using the EC. In the fourth quarter of the price of Russian gas for Ukraine is 227.36 USD per thousand cubic meters.

“Expected (following the payments — ed.) but this depends, firstly, on the volume of consumption in Ukraine, which very much depend on the weather, energy efficiency and so on, on the other hand, from the price dynamics on European markets. Now we see lower prices. Last week we bought at a price lower than Gazprom, this week we buy at a price that is lower than “Gazprom”. Therefore, from the comparison of these prices will depend on what volumes we will purchase in Europe, and “Gazprom”, — said Vitrenko.