Putin is glad to meet with Sarkozy and will discuss with him events in the world

NOVO-Ogaryovo, October 29. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin stated that he is happy to discuss with the former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy a number of questions concerning events in Europe and worldwide, as well as in bilateral relations.

“I am very glad to see you, long time no see, the whole year,” he said at a meeting with the French politician call him “you”. Putin drew attention to the fact that “during this time there have been many events in Europe, in the world, and in our bilateral relations”. “I’m very glad to see you and be able to debate all these issues,” said Sarkozy.

In the beginning of the meeting the Russian head of state congratulated Sarkozy on receiving the title of honorary doctor of the University. “Who are you now Mr. President or Mr. doctor?” – with a smile asked the Russian President to his interlocutor. Putin also noted that Sarkozy during his lecture at MGIMO has made “a serious impression on the listeners, and not only on those who were in the hall.”

Sarkozy is noted for the awareness of the Russian leader. “Profession”, – commented ironically in response Putin.

“Get out of the confrontation”

In turn Nicolas Sarkozy stressed the importance of overcoming the current period of confrontation.

“I believe in the need to emerge from a period of confrontation, we are going through now,” said the French politician.

“I don’t want to say that the compromise which we reached, was perfect by itself, but we were able to avoid confrontation,” – said Sarkozy, referring to the relations of France with Russia during his presidency between 2007 and 2012.