Qiwi, in July-October reduced the network of terminals by 20%

Moscow. October 29. Qiwi plc has reduced in July-October, the network of terminals by 20%, said a company spokesman Konstantin Koltsov.

In their reporting for the first half indicated the number of terminals in the amount of 176.8 thousand terminals, thus, currently it may be about 141,5 thousand units.

“The network of Qiwi terminals decreased by 20%, but in the terminal market of Russia was reduced by 30%”, – said Koltsov, noting that the abbreviation “immaterial impact on the financial performance of the company”.

Experts attribute the decrease in the market with the Bank of Russia measures to combat shadow “cashing in” money through terminals. The Bank of Russia was concerned about the situation in which more than 90% of the incoming payment terminals in cash used for operations with signs of withdrawal (it is estimated that these operations through the terminals in the first half of 2015, 390 billion roubles).

Scheme of cashing out was the fact that the funds of the terminals is not received at the special account, as required by law, and were “secondary market”.

In this regard, in early June the CBR has gathered the biggest players on the market of payment systems, including Qiwi, to discuss the situation. The controller asked them to work with payment agents (owners of terminals) to bring the collection of funds in special accounts at the end of June – early July up to 20%. Then this threshold was increased to 50% at the end of July – beginning of August, and then it was decided that from 1 September to really achieve almost full collection on the accounts.

At the end of September, “all who were in the dialogue, to fulfil the commitments in excess of 95%”, reported the Director of the Department of financial monitoring and currency control of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Yuri Polupanov. “Now Qiwi 98%, he said.