Sale of residential real estate in Moscow through the Internet is becoming more popular

MOSCOW, October 29. The electronic form of auctions for the sale of apartments in Moscow did not become a barrier for potential buyers. As the head of capital Department on the competitive policy Gennady Degtev, this is evidenced by the results of implementation of the secondary housing through the Unified trading platform of Moscow in 2015.

“Online sales for consumers become commonplace. Today, through virtual space sold books, flowers and much more. Including apartments, he said. – When the algorithm purchase is understandable, but the buyer no difficulty”.

He noted that the rules of participation in the electronic auctions the buyers can learn through the service “Investment adviser” and training ground of the Exchange. “Buying an apartment in the city guarantees the purity of the transaction. The purchase of housing, are under the business authority of Massotherapie, possibly with a mortgage, as well as subsidies, in particular maternity capital”, – he added.

Now the uniform trading platform of Moscow offers 80 apartments totaling 604,9 million rbl. the Initial price of lots ranges from 1.7 million rubles per share in the apartment in the East of Moscow to 19.1 million rubles. per apartment with an area of 89,7 sq. m. in the North-West. With particular interest are 11 apartments in the North-Western district of the capital – they are located in apartment buildings that are the capital’s monuments and are within walking distance from the metro station “Shchukinskaya”. The cost of apartments ranging from 71.7 to 89,7 sq. m varies from 13.7 million to 19.1 million rubles Bidding on objects 6 will be held on 11 November and 12 December 2015.

The practice of selling property through auctions is implemented by authorities of the capital since the second half of 2014. For all the time sold 84 apartments and rooms, located in the economic management of Massotherapie. For the first nine months of 2015, the money from the sale of these apartments amounted to more than 422 million rubles Money from the sale of property will go on social support of citizens who have concluded contracts of life maintenance with Massotherapie.

“Since the beginning of 2015 on electronic auctions sold 67 apartments, with an average auction was attended by four potential buyers. Formed good competition – with the average price of the auction price starting over was 7.4%, in 2014 this figure equaled to 4,8%”, – said Mr. Degtev.