SUV for the Arctic were presented by young designers in Yaroslavl

YAROSLAVL, October 29. /Corr. Andrey Serov/. A group of students have created a reliable SUV for expeditions to the Arctic and presented it in Yaroslavl at the all-Russian forum “Future intellectual leaders of Russia”. Another development is the upgraded AVTOVAZ “Vеsta,” the idea – which they see the car “for a young man of tomorrow.”

On 29 October, the forum crashes.

In car seats explorers will be able to sleep and work

“We were tasked to create a machine for an expedition to the Arctic, while it should be three innovations not found in other SUVs, – said Dmitry Shulgin from school number 39 of the city of Rossosh of the Voronezh region. – We took the LADA 4×4. We agreed, and even agreed with Russian companies for the supply of spare parts for its Assembly. The approximate cost of the car – about 1 million roubles”.

Among the innovations is the engine that will start and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, fuel tank of increased volume, a closed cycle heat transfer, 25 cm special insulation, the generator to generate electricity, special armchairs and a modern radio station.

According to one of the developers of this model of SUV – pupil of the school number 7 of the city of Koryazhma of the Arkhangelsk region Alexander Tulubensky, the machine will stop for approximately 1 thousand km, while inside it will be warm due to the closed cycle of heat exchange.

“We have installed in the car tank 155 liters, which was placed in the rear trunk. It is separated from the interior of the fire wall. This fuel will last for 1000 km, and in the case of stopping the machine will allow to live in it for two days and heat it. The generator will generate electricity. From the cold will protect the special insulation of the walls of the body 25 cm thick In the car will be installed a special chair in which you can sleep and work, as well as radio station of the last generation,” said the Tulubensky.

Ideas coincided almost 100

“Ideas guys 98% coincided with ours, – said the head of the project “LADA Like” and expeditions to the Arctic Sergey Rodin. – The machine turned out great and inexpensive. The task the children did. As a reward, the names of all 10 students will be marked on the body of two machines on which we 15 January 2016 go to the Arctic expedition”.

In total, at the all-Russian forum “Future intellectual leaders of Russia” in Yaroslavl students decided about 40 tasks set before them leading enterprises and institutions of the country.

The third all-Russian forum “Future intellectual leaders of Russia” is held in Yaroslavl on the orders of the President of the Russian Federation. It involved about 500 gifted students from 85 regions of the Russian Federation. Among them, 86 winners of various international competitions, 155 winners of all-Russian competitions, 10 holders of patents, innovations and patent applications.

Design: young think outside

Students develop and design solutions for cars of “AVTOVAZ”. As told korr. expert topics of the forum” Technologies of motion”, the chief designer of AVTOVAZ Steve Mattin, “we offered to take the brand “Vеsta” as a basis and change something in this car. So they thought how in five years, when they start to drive, they would like to see him.”

“What kind of car to need the youth of tomorrow how they would like to see the ratios in the proportions of the car, and how would he most closely met their needs,” said the designer, outlining the task.

The Mattin believes that for most people, the design of the car – theme “rare”, there is no any particular formula. “It’s one thing to have ideas, but quite another to Express them. I want to convey to children that design is not just the appearance of the car, but practicality. We create the car for the buyer, and the kids have to understand that and why can’t I change and what can. You need to think outside the box” – he stressed.

At the conclusion of the forum will determine the group of students who managed to advance the furthest in addressing the objectives of “AVTOVAZ”. They will be organising a visit to the production in Togliatti.