The government may establish a single holiday for civil servants

The government may establish a single holiday for civil servants

It is proposed to set a common for all categories of officials regardless of the band replaced their posts, the main vacation period, which will be 30 days.

MOSCOW, 29 Oct. The government of Russia at session on Thursday may install a single period of leave for civil servants, which will be 30 days, according to the press service of the Cabinet.

“The bill specifically proposed to establish the same… the main vacation period for all civil servants irrespective of the group substituted for their posts — 30 days”, — stated in the message.

Under current law, civil servants replacing the highest and main positions of civil service, provided the annual main paid vacation of 35 calendar days, whereas the substitution of other posts, the leave is 30 days.

It is also reported that the duration of leave will depend on the seniority in the civil service, as well as on irregular working days.

“The ratio of the length of civil service seniority and vacation seniority: seniority in the civil service more than 1 year — 1 calendar day, more than 5 years — 5 calendar days, over 10 years — 7 days and more than 15 years — 10 calendar days; one for civil servants that have irregular business day, the duration of additional leave for irregular business day — 3 calendar days” — adds a press-service.

The purpose of this bill is to reduce the cost of vacations for civil servants.

The bill was approved by the Commission of the RF government on legislative activities October 26, 2015.