The head of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs called natural the resignation of the Prime Minister of Moldova

MOSCOW, October 29. The resignation of the Prime Minister of Moldova Valery Sagittarius is a natural consequence of a corruption scandal. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Leonid Slutsky.

“The resignation of Sagittarius although it was initiated by the Moldovan Communists and socialists, took place only thanks to the votes of the Democratic party, a member of the Pro-European coalition. Played a role, of course, the corruption scandal with ex-Premier Vlad Filat, as well as protest actions”, – said the Deputy.

However, he drew attention to the “nature of the Moldovan protest.” “Protests in Moldova is a natural reaction of people disappointed in the ruling course. The participation of Moldova in Association with the European Union has not led to universal prosperity. But I can not say that the alarming nature of the current Moldovan protest. Because the organizers of these meetings have recently taken an active part in establishing the very policy that now actively criticized,” – said the head of the Committee.

In his opinion, demonstrators against the government partly cost the same Pro-Western structures. “Knowing well that the government headed by Prime Minister Valeriy Strelets are unable to keep the situation that the European Moldova simply became untenable, they began to work on anticipation. Here is an intermediate result,” says Slutsky.

According to the Deputy, to prevent reversal of Moldavia to the East, towards the Eurasian integration, “the new Pro-American and Pro-European forces decided to create a so-called pseudopeziza, monopolizirovany the right to hold rallies and protests to create an atmosphere for preservation of Pro-Western influence.” “But the real Moldovan opposition is the forces for Eurasian integration. And, hopefully, they will keep Moldova in its influence, as demonstrated during the previous parliamentary elections and elections to local authorities”.

The resignation of the Moldovan government, headed by Valery Sagittarius

The Parliament of Moldova on Thursday dismissed the government of Valery Sagittarius, which formed the ruling Pro-European coalition. A vote of no confidence in the Cabinet was supported by 65 deputies out of 101. The resignation was initiated by the opposition party of Socialists (psrm) and the Party of Communists (PCRM) in the Parliament of 45 members. Together with the opposition against the Cabinet deputies voted a member of the ruling Pro-European coalition of Democratic party (PDM). The MPs from other parties in the ruling coalition – the Liberal democratic (LDPM) and Liberal (PL) abstained.

The ruling Pro-European coalition appeared split after was removed parliamentary immunity from former Prime Minister Vlad Filat, who is the leader part of the core of the Pro-European coalition between the PLDM. He is suspected of corruption and involvement in the theft of $ 1 billion from the banking system of the country. Democrats offered the Archer himself resign, but the Prime Minister refused to do so.


Discussion the resignation was held amid thousands of anti-government protests which for the second month shake Chisinau. Thousands of people today surrounded the Parliament building and demanded the resignation of the President, government and early elections, as well as the investigation of a scandal about the theft of $1 billion In the city center was built a tent camp, which was divided between the opposition socialists and “Our party”, on the one hand, and Civic platform DA (“Virtue and truth”). They have the same requirements, however, the DA activists are in favour of European integration and blaming the authorities, saying that they “compromised the slogan, engaging in theft”. Left-wing parties advocate the strengthening of Moldovan statehood, rapprochement with Russia and the Eurasian geopolitical vector. The opposition refuse to cooperate, but agreed not to interfere with each other.