The land for the helipad began to sell in the suburbs

MOSCOW, October 29. Moscow region authorities began to sell the land for the helipad. On Thursday told reporters the first Deputy Minister of property relations of Moscow region Igor Treskov.

“Very relevant helipad. As we promised, we are starting to sell the land for a helipad,” he said.

Crackles said that all Moscow region authorities plan to sell the lease on 310 plots of land with a total area of 2124 hectares, located in the Moscow region.

Earlier in the press service of the Ministry of transport of the Moscow region reported that in the region there are two scenarios for the development of high-speed (helicopter) posts: conservative and target. The conservative scenario assumes construction of ten helipads near the ring road. The task involves the construction of ten helipads around Moscow, ten helipads – at the intersection of the Central ring with radial Federal highways, 25 helipads – close to major settlements of the region and nine helipads in state health care institutions of the region.

In turn, Deputy Minister of transport of Moscow region Petr Kuzin previously reported that on the territory of Moscow region there are 116 helipads. They operate flights to over 400 helicopters. Moscow region government adopted the decision on development sites, it is planned to build 54 helipad.