The mayor of Petrozavodsk came to the defense of his Deputy, which is accused of excess of powers

PETROZAVODSK, October 29. /Corr. Igor Lukyanov/. Criminal case against the Deputy mayor of Petrozavodsk Evgenia Sukhorukova, accused of abuse of power, is political, says the head of the city Galina Shirshina. At today’s press conference, she said, what Sukhorukova was not breaking the law.

“I am sure that it Sukhorukova is politically motivated. One hundred percent. After analyzing all this information, I can convincingly say that, in my opinion, any violations of the law by Sukhorukova,” said Shirshina, stressing that the accused is a supporter of the party “Yabloko”.

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The case against the official was filed under part 3 of article 286 of the criminal code “abuse of power”. According to investigators, in September 2012 Sukhorukov, acting head of administration of Prionezhsky area of Kareliya, illegally transferred valuable agricultural land for construction of cottage settlement. Guided by the resolution Sukhorukova, a commercial company started construction. As a result the environment has been harmed by 57 million rubles.

Shirshina said that the land in question in the case, before signing the decree Sukhorukova were sold the farm to a private company, because they were not suitable for agriculture. On the plot growing trees with a height of 10-15 m, “and there the tractor was sinking”.

The press-Secretary of Karelian Governor Veronika Galkina said that “the political motive in this process could not be seen”, and “the Republic of great work on decriminalization of economy and other spheres”.

Earlier, the Prosecutor of Karelia Karen Gabrielyan said that all proceedings in criminal cases are conducted in the framework of current legislation, and “the Executive power, there are no mechanisms and levers of influence on the actions of law enforcement bodies”.

The public prosecution requested for Sukhorukova a penalty of three years imprisonment in a standard regime penal colony. The official not guilty and hoped for an acquittal.

In Petrozavodsk on November 1, agreed the rally in defense Sukhorukova of up to 1000 people. The corresponding application was filed by a private person, have informed in city administration. November 2 in court the accused will act with last word.

Eugene Sukhorukov was appointed to the post of Deputy mayor of Petrozavodsk in November, 2013.