The Russian foreign Ministry: terrorists of the Islamic state has mastered the production of chemical warfare agents

MOSCOW, October 29. Forbidden in Russia of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG) has mastered the production of chemical warfare agents.

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This was stated in an interview with the Director of the Department for non-proliferation and arms control, the Russian foreign Ministry Mikhail Ulyanov.

“All the reports, the group ISIS has really gained access to technologies for production of chemical weapons, the associated documentation, to production capacity, he said. Already there have been many cases of the use of the “Islamists” of chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq”.

The head of the Department of the Russian foreign Ministry expressed regrets that the UN Security Council so far “has not responded properly to these facts, primarily because of the position of our Western partners”. According to him, the question of the necessity of such a response, the Russian side raised “repeatedly and insistently”.
“So the agenda remains the issue of extending the mandate of the joint UN-OPCW investigation of alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria and in Iraq, – the diplomat added. – The decision on this matter yet, but we have already prepared and a few weeks ago laid on the table of the UN security Council a draft resolution”.

You need to investigate

The facts of use of chemical weapons by militants in Syria and Iraq should be investigated, said Ulyanov.

“In the case of IG it is not only about the use for military purposes is chlorine, is usually blamed Damascus, although the evidence is still there, he said. Against IG there are cases of real chemical weapons – mustard gas and possibly lewisite (combat toxic substance skin blister agent actions – approx.TASS), the production of which, incidentally, requires mastery of quite complex technologies.”

Cases of use of chemical weapons by militants

Earlier it was reported that on September 1 banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” against the forces of the Kurdish militia in Northern Iraq.

According to him, August 31, during the fighting North of Mosul, is militants released by Kurdish troops a rocket, presumably stuffed with chemical substances.

Earlier this year the command of the forces of the Iraqi Kurds has repeatedly said the use of “Islamic state” ammunition containing chlorine, which are classified as chemical weapons. It was also reported about the use of this grouping of chemical weapons in Syria.

According to the United States, the militants, most likely used in the attack on Kurdish armed groups in Iraq a toxic substance mustard gas, also called “mustard gas”.