Aeroflot will sign an agreement with VTB and VEB leasing 20 planes “Transaero”

Moscow. October 30. Aeroflot plans to sign an agreement with “VTB Leasing” and “VEB-Leasing” on delivery of 20 planes that were leased from the company “Transaero”, said in an interview with the General Director of “Aeroflot” Vitaly Saveliev.

He recalled that the company has signed an agreement with “Sberbank Leasing” on delivery of not less than 14 Boeing.

“These 10 new machines, they will be delivered, the two aircraft has already arrived, it is a firm order “Transaero”. We take new machines, they will go to Aeroflot. Another 4 cars under the agreement with Sberbank is a Boeing-747, this is the age of the machine, and since we have a different concept, these aircraft will go to airline “Russia”, – said the head of “Aeroflot”.

He said that the agreement on delivery of 20 planes with VEB and VTB applies to long-haul fleet. “Together we take 34 cars to close new network,” said Savelyev.

According to him, the transfer of these aircraft to the Aeroflot group is desired, including, for the purposes of employment of the staff of “Transaero”.