Agricultural Committee of the state Duma supported the draft Federal budget for 2016

Agricultural Committee of the state Duma supported the draft Federal budget for 2016

MOSCOW, 30 Oct. Agricultural Committee of the state Duma recommended to adopt in the first reading the draft Federal budget for 2016, which envisages financing of the state program of agricultural development at the level of 237 billion rubles, said the head of the Committee Nikolay Pankov (EP).

Each was stripped of its budget assigned to the relevant Committee, in particular the agrarian Committee of the Duma responsible for consideration of section “Agriculture and fishery”. For reviewing the overall budget meets the budget Committee.

“Financing of the state program of agricultural development in 2016 will be maintained at the level of 2015 and will total 237 billion rubles. This is due to the fact that agriculture is one of priority sectors, which successfully provides import substitution and food security of the country,” Pankov told journalists.

According to the MP, on the development of animal husbandry in 2016 will be directed to 37.2 billion rubles, beef cattle 9.3 billion, crop — 57,2 billion and the construction of the logistics centre — 4.7 billion.

Punks drew attention to a number of programs for which funding will be substantially increased. “One of them “Development of vegetable-growing of open and protected soil and seed potato”. This year, this area is allocated only 700 million rubles, and in 2016 this amount will increase to 5.3 billion rubles, of which 3 billion will allocate for the production of vegetables in greenhouses”, — said the Deputy.

According to him, significant funds will be spent on dairy cattle. “If in 2015 from the budget were directed to 13.6 billion rubles, in 2016 planned 24,8 billion rubles. The funds increased almost twice. To support breeding, selection and seed breeding in the next year plan to allocate 8.3 billion,” he said.

The head of the Committee added that in the draft Federal budget envisages support for small farms. “This means that our farmers will be allocated more than 15 billion rubles. And they, along with large farms, will provide our country with meat, milk, fruits,” — said Pankov.

For the development of a financial system of the agro-industrial complex as a separate line allocated 10 billion rubles to the state’s “agricultural Bank,” said Pankov. “I am confident that these funds will allow our farmers to obtain loans under the minimum percentage and successfully develop its projects,” he said.

The MP expressed the hope that Federal funds will be timely to reach farmers. “And in the future, the Committee intends to work to adjust the cost of the acquisition and modernization of equipment, construction of roads and houses in rural areas. The necessary supervision, to ensure that money reserved in case of emergencies, was used strictly for that purpose”, he concluded.