FAS expressed concern about the transfer of 56 directions “Transaero” “Aeroflot”

Moscow. October 30. The Federal Antimonopoly service is concerned about getting the “Aeroflot” 56 international routes, and in General the situation around “Transaero”, said the head of Department Igor Artemyev.

“This is a strange cake with layers of meaning, which is the more inflated, like a bubble, the more, I fear that I will burst and splattered all of us. This is a very sad story. Here two years the company has amassed debts, and did not see the regulators for some reason, then suddenly a lot of ideas and solutions – Brownian motion, where even the government can’t figure out what’s going on,” said Artemyev to journalists on Friday.

He noted that the FAS voted against the decision on the allocation of routes and will be treated “as adopted in a hasty and dubious”. “When we look at the situation, we will formulate our position,” he said.

“Why we wanted to deal with? We, on the one hand, understand that “Aeroflot” very large costs incurred, and he needs compensation, and certain routes no matter what, he had to move away. But we already by that time understood what route how much is it and what consequences it will bring,” said Artemyev.

He noted that representatives of the aviation authorities it was stated that, “they say, we need to fly with such and such a date”. “And why-that gave routes only “Aeroflot”. Then why withdrew the day before the operating certificate Transaero? Why did you do it? Not able to wait until next week?”, – said the head of FAS.

Meanwhile, the General Director of “Aeroflot” Vitaly Saveliev said in an interview that the carrier received the directions will be a few years to recapture the cost of “Transaero”. “Working on these areas will be for several years to recapture the money we now spent on “Transaero” and that’s serious money”.