Gazprom increased gas export to Europe in October to 40%

Moscow. October 30. Gas export “Gazprom” to foreign countries in October of 2015 increased compared with October 2014 more than 40% (4.3 billion cubic meters) to 14.7 billion cubic meters, according to calculations based on the statistics of the transit operators.

This fall, the dynamics of exports is particularly high due to a low base a year ago, the export was kept to minimum values to counter reverse-flow gas supplies from Europe to Ukraine.

For 10 months of 2015 the export has reached the level of 130,3 billion cubic meters (up 4%, or 5.3 billion cubic meters more than the year earlier). Recruited for 10 months the rate also confirms the company’s plans to export this year 160 billion cubic meters of gas.

Gas production “Gazprom” in October 2015 it may reach 42 billion cubic meters, an increase as compared with October 2014 6%, according to calculations.

In September 2015 she grew up for the first time (by 1.5%) after 14 months of continuous fall. In October, for the extraction of “Gazprom” has developed a lot of favorable factors: the growth of supplies abroad, 2 billion cubic meters on a “winter package” for Ukraine (a year ago there were no deliveries at all). On the other hand in Russia was warmer weather than a year ago, and the share of deliveries “Gazprom” the Russian market continues to decline.

When you dialed the pace of extraction “Gazprom” for the year could reach 420 billion cubic meters, putting yet another historic record. In 2014 “Gazprom” has extracted 444 billion cubic meters of gas.

Gazprom this week revealed data on the export and production for the first 26 days of the month, making the assessment more accurate.