Kiev will not release for the new Russian debt securities

Moscow. October 30. The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has no plans of release of new bonds of external state loan to be exchanged for Eurobonds maturing in December 2015, previously purchased by Russia.

“Restructuring terms were approved for 13 episodes of the outstanding state and state-guaranteed Eurobonds at a meeting of creditors on 14 October 2015. The terms of restructuring have not been approved only for the series of bonds of external government loan of $3 billion, the maturity date of which occurs in December 2015. Accordingly, the owners of these bonds will not be able to receive new debt securities of Ukraine”, – reads the statement of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

The Finance Ministry does not name the owners of these securities.

According to the Ministry, the completion of restructuring the external debt of Ukraine, including the release of new external bonds the citizens to the creditors who are entitled to it, expected on 12 November 2015.

The completion of the procedure of the exchange bonds means the restructuring of the external debt of Ukraine at $15 billion and reduced the total debt by 20% ($3 billion), the Finance Ministry notes. This will allow Ukraine to avoid payment of a debt in the amount of $8.5 billion, maturing in the next four years.

Ukraine recently restructured all editions of its Eurobonds, in addition to “Russian”, released on $3 billion Russia did not participate in the restructuring, insisting on the repayment of these bonds in time – that is, in December 2015.