Medvedev: Tajikistan solid position in the food market in Russia

Medvedev: Tajikistan solid position in the food market in Russia

DUSHANBE, 30 Oct. Tajikistan occupies a good position on the Russian food market, and the relations of the two countries based on friendship and strategic partnership, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during the meeting with President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon.

“We have, indeed, no problems, we are good friends and strategic partners. We and this year there is positive dynamics related to the fact that, for example, on food at the moment Tajikistan is increasing its capacity to supply to our market — it now we are focused on our friends and partners, so that opportunities for development”, — said Medvedev during the meeting with Rahmon.

Also the Prime Minister thanked the President of Tajikistan for the excellent organization of the meeting of heads of governments of the CIS and gave him the greetings from President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

On Friday morning, Prime Minister Medvedev of the Russian Federation together with heads of governments of CIS countries arrived at the Palace of nation in Dushanbe, where he took part in the ceremony of joint photographing and in the meeting of heads of delegations of the States-participants of the CIS with Rahmon.

Addressing the gathering, the leader of Tajikistan noted the role of the Commonwealth in addressing the crisis.

“Probably, it should be noted that the unfolding process scale up economic, financial, and other crises requires from us a joint adoption of an effective and coordinated steps to maintain stability while taking measures to neutralize the crisis”, — addressed the audience Rahmon.