Russian investors and “Vnukovo” have agreed on the composition of assets for consolidation

Moscow. October 30. The government has agreed with private investors “Vnukovo” the composition of the property contributed by non-state shareholders in the capital airport as part of its consolidation. According to a source in one of profile departments, the government has reported to President Vladimir Putin in a letter sent on Wednesday.

In addition, the government and private investors have agreed on main terms of a shareholders ‘ agreement, the document says.

Assessment of Federal and private property contributed to the capital of JSC “international airport Vnukovo international airport (MAV), is planned to be completed “as soon as possible”, the letter reads.

The presidential decree of August 1, provides that the state share in the authorized capital of OJSC “international airport “Vnukovo” at the end of consolidation should not be below 25% + 1 share. In early September the government in its order has identified a list of non-state shareholders contributing the property as a contribution into the Charter capital of the MAV. These shareholders OOO “Vnukovo Alliance” LTD. Silvani”, JSC “Company “Unox and ZAO Vnukovo investment company”. The same order dated 9 September, the government instructed the Federal property management Agency in the month to determine together with private shareholders, the composition of the property contributed as a capital contribution to the MAV and to ensure its evaluation. At the same time will be judged of 74.74% stake in OAO “Airport “Vnukovo”, which the state submits to the MAV.

Private investors own a stake in OAO “Airport Vnukovo” and the control in JSC “international airport Vnukovo” (terminal In, the state 25% + 1 share) of JSC “Vnukovo-invest” and JSC “Aviation-the Oil company”. Traditionally owners of these assets was considered to be Andrey Skoch and Lev kvetnoy, and Vitaly Vantsev. According to sources, was from the airport business came out a few years ago.

Vantsev announced that private investors “Vnukovo” – he and Vladimir Skoch (the father of the Deputy of the state Duma and longtime partner of Alisher Usmanov – Andrei Skoch) – own the assets in the ratio 18% to 82%.

Last year the Board of Directors of “Vnukovo-invest” entered Larissa Gytarsky, Director of development projects of the USM Advisors company, managing assets of Usmanov and his partners. In addition, this year Eduard Potapov, former CEO of management company metalloinvest (MOEX: MTLI) Usmanov and his partners, headed the company “Vnukovo – asset Management”.

A source close to USM, earlier it was said that Usmanov has no part in “Vnukovo-Invest”, a co-owner of the airport is the Scotch. According to a source, Gytarsky joined the Board of Directors of “Vnukovo-invest” due to the fact that USM Advisors “provides investment Advisory services” to the shareholders of USM Holdings.

In October in an interview to “Russia 24” Vantsev said that private investors “Vnukovo” will be glad if will join Usmanov. “It’s no secret, we’ve known each other. We have a great relationship, and if such a decision (on joining Usmanov in the composition of investors “Vnukovo”) will be accepted, happy to perceive,” said Vantsev

The decree on the consolidation of the assets of another of the capital’s airport “Sheremetyevo”, where private shareholders are TPS Avia Arkady Rotenberg, Alexander Ponomarenko and Alexander Skorobogatko, was signed by the President on August 28. The government is given three months in conjunction with private owners to determine the composition of the property brought as the contribution of each non-state shareholder in the authorized capital of “Sheremetyevo”. The decree fixed the minimum share of the Russian Federation in the consolidated airport “Sheremetyevo”, the control in which there will be private investors in the amount of not less than 30%.