Shares of Transaero airlines soared by more than 40%

Moscow. October 28. Action “Transaero” in the afternoon on Wednesday soared by more than 40% within the correction after the fall of the previous days.

On “the Moscow stock exchange” shares “Transaero” 15:43 13,26 grew to ruble (+40,9%) with a turnover of about 160 million rubles, on the eve of the paper soared 20.2%, however, 22-26 October, the stock fell 60%.

On Tuesday it became known that the Board of Directors of “Transaero” held October 23 meeting, decided to dismiss the General Director of airline Dmitry Saprykin, the new General Director of “Transaero” it is appointed Valery Zaitsev.

As reported, Zaitsev is the current pilot, the son of former Deputy Minister of transport Gennady Zaitsev. Saprykin, who was previously Deputy General Director for sales and property issues of Aeroflot, he held the position of General Director of “Transaero” from 7 September. He succeeded Olga Pleshakov, which at that time was one of the shareholders of Transaero airlines (now Chairman of the Board of Directors of the airline).

At the beginning of last week there were two cases on bankruptcy of the airline – from Sberbank of Russia and Alfa-Bank . On the eve of the announcement of the results of the inspection of Federal air transport Agency, the group S7 has announced that it has agreed with “Transaero” on the purchase of “not less than 51% of the shares”.

On October 21, the Federal air transport Agency reported that following the inspection, it was decided from October 26 to cancel the certificate of the operator “Transaero”.

As writes on Wednesday “Kommersant”, the shareholders of airline “Siberia” intend the end of the week reissue of Vladislav Fileva first 19% of the purchased package of 51% of actions “Transaero”. It is also reported that on Wednesday the company’s creditors plan to decide on their action plans.