The government are thinking about extending Amnesty

Moscow. October 30. The government is currently discussing the possibility of extending the validity of the act on the voluntary Declaration by individuals of assets and accounts, said Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Shatalov, speaking at a tax conference organized by the American chamber of Commerce in Russia.

“While I must say that this process is not very popular Russian taxpayers quite a bit of declarations on Amnesty of capitals. And the government is now considering how to amend the rules of information disclosure and Declaration of assets that the process is not stalled,” said he.

The Deputy Minister noted that it is too early to say what decisions will be made. “Are discussed, including questions about how to somewhat extend the time within which Amnesty and to make some adjustments in the rules for disclosure, so less risky to make the process”, – said Shatalov.

Earlier in October, the head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin said that in practice the Amnesty law of capital is being implemented sluggishly. “For large companies Amnesty is not interesting, it does not affect their interest. It’s more the owners of some apartments and other things just in case legalized, especially officials. And then we have, in my opinion, statements on Amnesty of 150 or 170”, – said Shokhin.