The head of “Aeroflot”: the directions we will be a few years to recapture spent on Transaero money

The head of “Aeroflot”: the directions we will be a few years to recapture spent on Transaero money

Moscow. October 30. The story of “Transaero”, which was originally promised, Aeroflot has not only increased market share but also long-term headache, while developing the company’s relatively favorable scenario. Buy “Transaero” for 1 ruble, which threatened the largest air carrier of country a significant weighting in the debt burden, did not take place. “Aeroflot” has not only remained, but also compensated for the costs of emergency transportation of foreign passengers by expanding its route network to attractive directions. However, this is not the end of the story. Who now heads Transaero, how many passengers left to transport “Aeroflot” and how are the interviews of potential new employees said in an interview with the head of “Aeroflot” Vitaly Saveliev.

– The situation with “Transaero” changes hourly. The company Monday had not fly, the passengers are completely laid on Aeroflot. How many were transferred and how much is left to be transported “Aeroflot” passengers with tickets Transaero?

– At the moment we moved 1,843 million people. Until the end of the prescribed period, i.e. before 15 December, we have to carry 67,7 thousand people. In fact, there are very few. Thus we see in our booking systems that many passengers refuse tickets. People change their plans, I want to return the money.

– That is, the final number of passengers to the carriage until December 15 will be less?

– Yes. From 67,7 thousand people, approximately 11 thousand passengers will pass tickets. We will certainly reiterate that will pay all the cost of tickets of “Transaero” with regard to taxes and levies.

– You do not abandon these promises, but, according to Transaero, Dmitry Saprykin, who was the CEO of the company since 7 September, already is not.

– I’ll tell you detective. According to Dmitry Saprykin, he presented the Protocol correspondence of the Board of Directors “Transaero” on the 27th, is the day before yesterday. Attended Mr. Zaitsev (Zaitsev Valery, according to Transaero, holds the position of CEO), who appointed himself the order, he had a default judgment of the Board of Directors on paper, it was also a woman. Dmitry Petrovich – fortunately, a professional lawyer, tells them that he is ready to sign the act, but have a few questions. The question Dmitry Petrovich, who is this woman, she is responsible is the representative of S7. He asked them to provide the original confirmation of the Board of Directors, he saw that the meeting was legitimate. There was no reply.

But the Board of Directors “Transaero” was held on October 23, and the Protocol correspondence of the Board of Directors of the company Saprykina filed only on 27 October. Who ran the company for these 4 days?

Is the second question he asked them. If it was removed on the 23rd, why come October 27th, and for four days we worked? He made decisions without knowing anything, and they show a piece of paper that on October 23, it does not work. How so? There was no reply. The third question he asked – who will pay the salaries of the staff of “Transaero” if they take it off? Silence again. He says: “Guys, I’m on call 24 hours a day, call”. This morning we had the staff, as at 11 o’clock to Saprykina yet no one appeared. We do not understand the situation, who is 500 million rubles of the advance employees get paid? If Saprykin is working, will pay “Aeroflot”, if Saprykin doesn’t work – comrade Filev (co-owner of “Siberia”), pay you wanted.

But if Saprykin is not the General Director who coordinates the transport of the remaining passengers “Transaero”?

– That’s right. Who will deliver 67 thousand, which we talked about? For example, the Park of S7, they have 58 aircraft, including two Boeing-767, two long-haul machine. This is what happens, Mr. Filev wants 58 vessels deliver the remaining 67 thousand people? Aeroflot’s fleet is 3 times more aircraft, including 37 long-haul machines. And in the group of Aeroflot’s fleet of 260 aircraft is 5 times more than Fileva. How are they going to deliver, what kind of adventure?

And yet, who is now the General Director of “Transaero”: Saprykin or hares?

– Let’s remember how appointed Saprykin. Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Transaero” Olga Pleshakova invited him for a full-time Board of Directors, where he was appointed CEO of the company. Zaitsev is not even in Agryle, we don’t see him in this system. I just remember “the Twelve chairs” Ostap Bender. He told Kise Vorobyaninov: “With the modern development of printing in the West…”. Look, you cannot just bring the paper. And here comes fellow and said: behold I myself have appointed, I have a piece of paper.

– On Monday, the “Transaero” in the face of Saprykina filed a notice that he was going to bankrupt yourself. In the Board “Transaero” has declared that it is illegitimate, because Saprykin is not the CEO of the company…

He is still not cleared, I say again, he documents not submitted. You understand what it means to give the company? It’s not like he runs a candy factory (excuse me, confectioners) is the same for aircraft, passengers !

– Whose was the initiative to apply for their own bankruptcy “Transaero”?

– By law, the General Director of any company if it became aware of facts which lead to the bankruptcy of the company, shall file the application. Otherwise, he shall bear subsidiary liability together with the others. Therefore, Saprykina this is a forced measure – we see that in the company there is nothing. And, besides, he’s in the queue first. There is worth and the savings Bank, and Alfa-Bank. His situation makes it necessary, otherwise he is liable to the other creditors personally. That’s all.

– You said that with Zaitsev came the representative of the S7…

– Yes, it was October 27. And yesterday comes the hares and already three people. Saprykin asks the same question: who are you? He said – we’re from S7. Logically followed by the question, what are you doing here? You know, I addressed today in the FAS, the Ministry of transport. Neither the Agency nor the Federal Antimonopoly service, Mr Filev was not addressed. But from the press we see that there are a few options of events: Filev bought 51% of “Transaero”, then the second statement Filev refused the deal in the absence of the certificate, a third option – no, he’s in the deal, but he bought 19%.

– You recently led S7 in the example – as a company with a reasonable business model, as opposed to the “Transaero”. And literally immediately Filevi announced the purchase of control in “Transaero”, and in a time when the purpose of the transaction was, to put it mildly, unclear. One of versions – S7 acts in the interests of someone from the creditors “Transaero”. And what sense you see this deal?

– It is very difficult to say what motivates Vlad Fileva. Maybe there’s some deeper meaning that I and my colleagues do not understand. But it is his right, to consider some options. He writes about how he saved “Siberia”, he has experience, he really is a professional. If he has some idea, some kind of business model, which he within himself has formulated – well, do humanly, do it openly. Why substitute passengers and the staff of “Transaero”? Do carefully, we don’t mind. But another thing we ask is don’t bother. Do what you want to do, create new companies, find options, work with creditors. But we also have obligations we need to transport these passengers, and the question of wages was not removed. Above I talked about the fact that you have paid 600 million roubles on the salaries of employees. Now talking about the advance payment of 500 million rubles Total is 1.1 billion rubles. Here they have gathered a club of creditors I in the agenda to give the proposal. Guys, will you consider the salaries of the staff. You must pay by law.

– “Aeroflot” promised to take on work in my group about half the staff of “Transaero”. How many have joined your firm?

– “Aeroflot” in staffing have already introduced the changes. We plan to take 2765, of which the flight crew of 150 people. On consideration we have 137 statements. Picked up 17. Engineering staff – 800 people, flight attendants, 950, 410, took 17. We yesterday already have 40 people representatives “Transaero”, which came in “Aeroflot”. Just a group we plan to take 6,06 thousand people. We performed our promises.

– You know that November 1, the staff of “Transaero” plans to hold a rally?

– I’d like someone to bring people to the rally. Want already no strength. You can probably, now, the weather is still not that bad. Someone really need it. I appeal to the staff of “Transaero” – we are ready to take more than 6 thousand people. Our subsidiary company “Russia”, which is based in St. Petersburg, just registered a branch in Moscow. Especially for the reception staff of “Transaero”. “Russia” is ready to take 3 thousand 295 people . We still have many vacancies, and the Fes and the head of Rosaviation Alexander Neradko said that people are willing to employ. What these rallies? What you want to achieve? You also are not abandoned, you are offered the job, and not only “Aeroflot” – there are other companies in the Russian Federation, we have 120 airlines.

– Some of the staff of “Transaero” on the condition of anonymity say that during the interview in “Aeroflot” flight attendants “Transaero” offer to retell the film “Love and pigeons” in English, some talked about the rudeness in the interview. Is this true?

– Conflict there can be no. Do not believe these rumors. It is the aggravation of the situation. We now pilots gladly recruit, we closed the quota for admission of foreigners, for example. Yes, many flight attendants “Transaero” has problems with the English language. Yes, I reported it, but it is not fatal. First, we have our own school in “Aeroflot”, we’ll have it. Then, if a person is denied, this does not mean that he was nasty. No they can’t be rude. Moreover, I tell you, there are other rumors: that pilots “Transaero” offer almost 7 thousand rubles salary per month. Complete nonsense, you know. It can’t be by definition. Why? Because we have a grid tied to our salaries. All get our pilots and our flight attendants will receive and the staff of “Transaero”, they are in no way discriminated against. All the same: same salary, same benefits. So here these stories is people just for some reason have not passed the interview that same can be. We are interested to take people out. We got directions, put the fleet take on this fleet.

– Speaking of the Navy. With Sberbank you have already signed an agreement to supply no less than 14 Boeing-737. Something else I plan to take?

– Yes, with Sberbank signed the agreement, we agreed on what court, what time frame. It 10 new cars, they will be delivered, the two aircraft has already arrived, it is a firm order “Transaero”. We take new machines, they will go to Aeroflot. Another 4 cars under the agreement with Sberbank is a Boeing-747, this is the age of the machine, and since we have a different concept, these aircraft will go to airline “Russia.” The second agreement – we are ready to sign with “VEB-Leasing” and “VTB Leasing” the agreement for another 20 cars. There long-haul fleet. That is, in total we take 34 cars to close new network.

– You said earlier that interest rates on leasing is not very comfortable for “Aeroflot”.

– In the market there are special agencies which quoted market rates. And yesterday we confirmed to each other that we quote these rates agree. Now we define the current state of the aircraft, and after that be determined a final price for a lease car we will take.

– You received 56 directions “Transaero”. You yourself chose?

We looked, of course. We have our own network, we saw, based on his network where we can have transit. Working on these areas will be for several years to recapture the money we now spent on “Transaero” and that’s serious money.

Vladislav Filev said that you spent less money on transportation than was announced. After all, how much have you spent on this?

– We have addressed in court with the claim about collecting with “Transaero” 5 billion rubles, then another, with one class – 3 billion rubles. it is clear that we have spent at least 8 billion rubles. We are all suppliers to transport passengers, gave guarantees. We paid for everything – and Filev knows it. Kerosene paid, staff salaries paid, airport charges, air navigation, flights in the European space. Out of the Park “Orenair” identified three Boeing-777s, which are now bringing in clients “Biblio-Globus” We’re not just talking about any amount, we documented. Why are we being sued? We form a package of debt. Will continue to apply to just in case we were in the queue of creditors – you never know what will happen. We understand that with the start of any lawsuits, so we are insured to show: guys, we are also in the queue with you.

– Some support from the government you do not expect?

– “Aeroflot” not originally claimed. We got directions, let’s work out, annually, shall report, how much is reimbursed and how much remains to be reimbursed. Went for it and the Ministry of transport and Rosaviatsia, I think it is absolutely reasonable decision. Otherwise, what’s the occasion? At “Aeroflot” there are other shareholders. They will say, “what are you wasting our money on Transaero? Where are we?”

– There is an opinion that after the departure “Transaero” from the market, ticket prices will rise.

– The passenger always wants the cheapest price. This is understandable, but let us ask ourselves the question: why Transaero airlines went bankrupt? Because there was a price that did not cover production costs. Now, many lament – it was great, we flew Transaero, and now there are no cheap tickets. Finished now, because the tickets were cheap, which did not cover the cost. They brought 260 billion of debt? What cheap ticket? It is neither cheap nor expensive. If the ticket is expensive, passengers will fly another airline, anything, the train will go he just will not fly. If it is very cheap – the company is bankrupt. This balance is very sensitive, and we have all the time to feel.

– I would also like to touch on the price of tickets to the far East. You have introduced “flat rate”, but passengers say they have found tickets for the price of 200 thousand rubles in economy class.

– At “Aeroflot” flat scale. I officially declare that we either do not have tickets because they sold out or have tickets to 18 thousand rbl. we Have other booking classes do not exist in economy class. For example, the minimum price is “Transaero”, (minimal stress) in economy class was 25 thousand, and the maximum there exceeded 50 thousand Business class is another story. Up to 16 of November in the same Vladivostok tickets you will not find 18 thousand, because there are none. We’re taking passengers “Transaero”, plus something sold out our people. So Yes, there is temporary inconvenience. And what they found up to 200 thousand roubles, so you see it with some changes, the search engines offer you tickets. You are requesting: Moscow-Magadan or Moscow-Vladivostok, it gives you pictures. But you on-then look. There will be a 3-4 fit, and therefore expensive. If there are no tickets direct, the search engines will offer other options. And if using option new York is the only remaining – they will give via new York and will show the appropriate price.

Last year we were dealing with a parliamentary inquiry, we asked why the ticket in Sochi costs 60 thousand roubles. It turned out that the ticket was via Istanbul. I in the Soviet Union from Krasnoyarsk to Tashkent was flown on An-24 with five stopovers. Or from Leningrad, where I lived, in Sayanogorsk. I had on hand six year old son, the two of us flew: Leningrad-Moscow, Moscow-Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk Sayanogorsk. My friends, we just became very good live – and that’s good.

Be patient for 2-3 weeks – then again the tickets in the reservation system will see. You know, it’s just well, all now assessed the situation, which means the aircraft to Russia. This is the question of cheap tickets. Cheap tickets we all aircraft will bring bankruptcy Yes, all will go bankrupt, flying in General won.