The head of the OPCW: the program of destruction of chemical weapons in Russia will go down in history

PIC. PEACE /Kirov region/, October 30. /Spec.interviewer TASS/. The program of chemical weapons destruction in Russia will go down in history. This was stated by Director General of the OPCW, Ahmet üzümcü, at the closing ceremony of the facility with chemical weapons “Maradykovsky” in the Kirov region.

“I’m glad to be here. This is a unique event, he said. – Mankind has made great efforts to maximize the means of warfare and their damaging effect. 100 years of chemical weapons represented a deadly threat in conflict”.

“As the events in Syria and Iraq, chemical weapons to takes the lives of innocent people”, – said the head of the OPCW.

“Today we celebrate a unique achievement. Not often in history we achieved this, he continued üzümcü. We see the firm determination of Russia to put an end to history with chemical weapons. This is a complex and dangerous process. Compliance sometimes led to delays, but, as Tolstoy said, patience and time is what you need”.

“I am confident that the success of the program Russia will go down in history. It is important for the achievement of chemical disarmament. This proves that thanks to the political will of the world can get rid of such deadly weapons,” – said the head of the OPCW.